Also known as the Moto G3—an Android smartphone released by Motorola in July 2015. It serves as an economical alternative to Motorola's flagship phones. Model XT1540 in the US, with dual-sim and "Turbo Edition" variants sold in other regions.

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Why do I have such poor battery life?

Lately my Moto G's battery life has been horrible. It wasn't like this when I first bought it; now, a full charge won't even last a single work day. My phone switches to battery saver mode (which is practically unusable) just 6 hours after a full charge. I don't even use that many apps so I don't think there's a lot of stuff going on in the background. I don't understand why my phone loses charge so fast, even when I'm not using it. I've even tried turning off automatic syncing for all my accounts as well as automatic updates, but it doesn't make much of a difference. What could be causing so much battery drain?

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Hey Ahnaf,

If you want to double check that background apps are not draining your battery too quickly, you can go under settings and look under the "battery" tab. You will then be able to see what apps use the most charge.

Also, make sure to put your phone in sleep mode when you are not using it so that the screen is not using too much charge. In settings, under the "display" tab, you can set the phone to automatically go into sleep mode if it has not been used for a certain length of time.

Both of these solutions are in the troubleshooting guide.

If neither of these help, you may have to consider replacing the battery. Hopefully, someone will post a guide on how to replace a Moto G 3rd Generation battery sometime soon.


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I'm gonna try to go through the list of apps in my battery tab before I replace the battery. Thank you!

I set to automatically go to power saver and optimize setting for apps. Lets see. Not sure about sleep mode.


Hi Ahnaf

Maybe your battery is faulty. Can you get new battery and replace the old one?

Hope this help


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I really don't want to do that except as a last resort, I was hoping there might be other software-related things I could try first.

Wait maybe someone will have some software related answer, but for me it is a hardware problem and that I would do if phone come to me with this issue.

Good luck

I see. Thank you!

I also have the same problem my battery drains that much after all i t can't last for a day


Hi Ahnaf, I am facing the same problem, have u got the solution????


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I am also having the same issue



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