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How do I get longer battery life out of my ZenWatch?

The battery life on my ZenWatch has been less than satisfactory lately. Is there anything I can do to increase the life of my battery or any settings I can change?

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Two things with smartwatches that I notice will kill the battery more than anything. The display and the amount of alarms it presents (buzzing). To fix this, set your brightness settings lower for both active and inactive modes. Then check out what apps does your watch notify you of. Change those settings or remove the apps from notification. This will extend your battery life... This worked for my smartwatch.


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In addition to what Brandon said, you could also turn off Always-on screen and Tilt to wake screen if you don't use these features. The first, obviously, means the watch will be blank when inactive. The second means you'll have to tap it to see the screen, it won't light up when you move your wrist to look at it.

These are in the Android Wear app; tap the gear at the top, then the name of your watch immediately under "Device settings". (This is for my Zenwatch 2, but I believe the app is the same.)


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Hi, I solved the drain problem with bringing the Zenwatch3 in recovery mode. (Press middle en top button long until watch switches off). Then leave it (screen stays on) until it is completely empty. Then restart.

Before, my watch was empty after a few hours and now it last the whole day.


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