First released in January of 2014, the Pebble Steel is a steel-bodied Smartwatch from Pebble Technology Corporation.

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Where to order pebble steel Battery replacement

Anybody knows where to get a replacement for the pebble steel battery?

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I googled the fullriver battery company in China and found and found this page where they picture the original Pebble.

After a little poking around their site I got to this chart:

I haven't cracked open my Pebble steel to measure the battery yet, but I did google a couple of the model numbers like this : "043030C battery". This resulted in a string of China import sites (aliexpress, dhgate, etc) that offered to post me one of these.

I guess if you are willing to measure your battery dimensions, and order the corresponding battery from china you could finish up with a cheap replacement battery. I haven't tried it yet, buy have a depleted battery too by the looks, so interested in how you get on. Who knows you might even manage to squeeze a 300mAh battery in and get 14days out of your pebble?


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I didn't need to solder. The connector on board is fine, but it's just friction (and a piece of foam glued to the back) that keeps the cable seated in the connector. So my tearing was just the cable partially unseating.

I never had the classic, but my issue was intermittent and for a while I was convinced rebooting the watch made a difference; kinda seemed to. There's forum threads that claim memory leak causes the tearing.


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I found Pebble to very unhelpful with the issues I've had with my Pebble Steel. Since it was out of warranty, they could not provide ANY kind of service for the watch. All indications were that the battery was depleted. After several email exchanges, they pointed me to this site. I still need to find a replacement battery for my watch. I know that Pebble will not be a source; Does anyone have a supplier who sells the battery for the Pebble Steel at a reasonable price?


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If you find out which is the exact (or better) replacement battery that will retrofit into the Pebble Steel please let me know via the forum right here.

Thank you.


If anyone has measurements for the battery i will try ordering one from aliexpress.


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评论: lists a 402222S 3.7v 130mAh at 3.9mm x 21.5mm x 21.0mm. The teardown photos show the battery has 402222 printed on the front and the back says 130mAh, so this is probably the same battery.

Thanks alot Paul! I have messaged two vendors on aliexpress now. One had alot of small 3.7 batteries, not the 402222 but they had a 302222. Ive also messaged another vendor who had "fullriver" batteries .

My pebble steel is having some tearing issues which may be the flex or some water damage. So a teardown is overdue, might as well replace the battery while I'm at it.

I tore mine down about a year ago to fix screen tearing. I put a couple of pieces of business card between the back of the case and the screen connector to apply pressure to it. Has worked like a charm! Tearing Solved! (Just like this:

But my battery is down to only about 2-3 days per charge. I ordered a 402020 from Aliexpress (160mAh). They claim 4mm20mm20mm so I really hope it fits. I'll find out in 30 days, I guess.

Jupp, 402020 is what the vendor told me to buy aswell.

My tearing is just like the classic stuff but it goes away when i press the buttons on the right.

Is the problem usually that the connector is loose on the board or on the flex? If I'm not able to solder it back on I'll do the pressure fix.

I replaced my battery today, my god the flex on the board was such a ##&&% to get back on. Had to remove the foam to get a good feel of the connector. No wonder that thing is causing tearing, i placed a melted layer of esd bags on top of it to keep it put. But so far i have no backlight and my charging led has gone dark.....



Is it the same battery of the Pebble time?


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I don't think so. The Pebble Time products have completely different chassis dimensions and motherboard shap; I believe they're thinner for example. The chassis dimensions and motherboard shape affect how much space there is for the battery.

There are teardowns for the Pebble Time products; you should look at those to get some idea. You might have to disassemble your Pebble Time and use calipers to measure your existing battery. If you do that, please add that info to the relevant teardown article specific to your product. Also note which Pebble Time product you have. The Time Round, Time Steel, and Time (plastic chassis) are all different external dimensions and most likely have different batteries.


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