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restoring HD input/output error

I am trying to install a new HD in my macbook. I am using disk utility mac program. I am restoring from the old HD to the new HD using a firewire HD enclosure. I have followed the instructions but I get a input/output error after it gets about half done with the process. can anyone help?

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Sounds like your old HD is damaged

Use DFA to rebuild your old HD. Install the OS on the new HD, and use Migration Assistant to transfer your files (& applications).

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I agreed with MacHead about the drive data being damaged. Boot from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding down the "C" key. Next go to the second screen pull down menu, Utilities -> Disk Utility and repair the drive. Then boot from the old drive, download SuperDuper and clone the old drive onto the new one. Here's the download:

That failing, boot from the CD and install the system then try using Migration Assistant to move your data.


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The macbook will not boot if the hard drive does not have a GUID partition.


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I have selected ‘New Image‘ on Disk Utility to create a backup image of hard disk, and it fails.

I then clicked on ‘Restore‘ tab to make a disk image of internal drive to another (external) disk, and that fails too, with error: could not restore input/output error

I then verified the hard disk, and got a report in green it was ok.

The destination disk is larger than the source disk, is brand new, formatted ‘Mac OS Extended Journaled‘ and the source has verified ok. I don’t see any reason why Disk Utility fails to image the hard disk.

Might have to clone the disk with another software.


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I have the same issue. Did you find any solution? Or has somebody solved this?



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