The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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My phone wont turn on anymore even with fully charged battery

I charged my phone last night and left it charging until morning. When I went to turn my phone on it usually vibrates before the screen pops up but this time it did nothing, I put in a new fully charged battery in my phone and it still doesnt turn on. It has never touched water and has no cracks at all.

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hold down the volume and off button at the same time!!! this should fix samsung, not sure about other devices though (this didnt reset anything on my phone)

techinician instructed me that the cpu was completely spoiled and required me to pay $91 for the repair services

My phone is doing that too but like 3 days ago I thought I lost my phone but it fell out of my bag and Left it it outside all night but until today it worked perfectly


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You could try entering recovery mode

Press and hold Volume up, Home and Power buttons until the Samsung logo appears on the screen. Scroll to wipe data/factory reset by pressing the Volume down button. Scroll to Yes -- delete all user data by pressing the Volume down button. The phone will now reboot to the initial setup screen.

Also try connecting to a computer to see if it is recognized , If nothing then your phone may have experienced some sort of a short overnight and may be damaged internally . If this is the case then i would suggested bringing it to a local repair shop for a diagnosis.


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Hey i had the same problem too but when i tried using your method the recovery mode but the screen wont be on i have been charging it for a model samsung galaxy core prime ltd it will vibrate and on but when halfway it gone dead againg

my phone is not getting on from two days even i kept it in charge and phone getting heat but still not getting on i tried holding volume up done and all stuff said and i checked with sp flash tool recovery and fast boot and sp flash tool not recognized rom no use still its not getting on help me, my phone coolpad note 3

Hi Mr Kprahul. Please how did you finally resolve this issue. i am having exactly the same problem.

I followed the procedure and my Infinix Note 2 is back and working normal and perfect. Thanks

i did it and it didn't even work



I have found that my phone only does this when I leave it on the charger all night. Charge it before and when it gets to 100 % and then unplug it. I do this now and it hasn't happened to me for a very long time.


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How did u get ur phone working again? Because I left mine charging last night, (plus it’s brand new) and it’s not turning on when I press the power button. Or the power bottom with the volume doesn’t work

how we same my phone is not working on

My phone won't open, how do you fix a OPPO A3s? Plus Iv'e been charhing it hoping it would turn on but it won't


This was happening to my wife's phone, always when charged to 100% overnight. The phone would try and switch itself on (regardless of being in the user-set power off period) and would cycle constantly between beginning to boot up, then vibrating, switching off. The only way around it was to hold the volume buttons, power etc in for a few seconds as described and it would go in test mode. (confusing as all in Chinese!) The battery charging symbol would appear but the percentage figure would be blank. Then repeat the process and the phone would start. The I remembered that we were not using the correct charger but a generic one for convenience as the correct one did not have a UK plug. I guessed that the generic charger was either not charging the phone quick enough (it's half the rate of the correct one) or it was not switching off when fully charged and overcharging the battery. There has been no further problems since using the correct charger.


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Yes I have a same problem


take the battery out hold the power bottom for 2mins place the battery back in hold the power botton again and u will hear your phone viberate.


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