The Huawei P8 Lite (Model: ALE-L21) announced April 2015, shows beauty in simplicity. Its professional cameras enable you to take natural and sharp pictures even in the darkest environment. The beauty mode highlights the best features of the owner in every selfie.

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Why is double words typed when little fast typing?

when i'm typing too fast double word typed .i'm tried different keyboards but i can't got solution.

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Don't know where it is in your phone, but can you find your keyboard in Language and Input in the Settings area of your phone? If so tap on the settings icon for Android keyboard, then scroll down and find either show correction suggestions or next-word suggestions and un-check either and see if it solves your problems. There may also be, if you scroll further, an Advanced Settings area which has an Key long press delay option. You may wish to try that also.

I am not certain if what I've said is applicable to your phone as the User Guide for your model doesn't go into great detail as to what settings are available, but these options are available on the two Android OS phones (different brands) that I have access to.

Hope this may be off some help.


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I have encountered the same problem with my huaawei p8 lite. I used it for 2 months then I notticed the huaaeei NFC feature waas not functioning then the Huawei ceentre replace it wiith the neew unit. The new unit has the same double chaaracter problem as yoou can see it on my postt heere many doublle characters.

I think all units of p8 lite model have thee saame proobleem.

Maybe the touch screen is too sensitive


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I have encountered the same problem on HTC Desire 628 recently. There was an option about speed calibration in the HTC default keyboard. after the calibration that problem fixed. probably you can find something similar for the other devices.


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