Model A1418 / Late 2012 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Upgrade SSD, is it M.2?

My IMAC is a EMC 2544 13,1 2,7 gb but I don't know if I can mount a SSD M.2 ?

Can you help me, please

Actualización (28/12/15)

My model is iMac 13,1 EMC2544, A1418 and now i 've opened and there is a slot Pcie??? like in your videos.

My question is if the iMac model caraterisrics it's not exist this slot why do i have?

And now why kind of ssd i neeed to buy, please.

Thank you.

Update (12/28/2015)

I need to known what kind of SSD slot i have, please.



Higher Performance than SATA III: Best M.2 PCI-Express SSD. PCIe 3.0 x4 M.2

I don't undestand, sorry.

Update (01/06/2016)

I Bought your SSD Aura 240gb

And i mounted in a flash, i don't know if it's Pcie or mSATA or m.2????

But the problem is the real speed when i read is 240mb/s no moré?????? Why????

I enabled TRIM in OSX el capitán.

The write speed is 500mb/s.


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Click on this URL link: Aura 6G SSD this is the SSD you will want for the Apple M.2 slot.

Maybe it would be easier if you visit an Apple authorized service center near you if you are still confused with the answers we have given you. You have two choices the OWC Aura SSD or the Apple SSD Mayer has for sale. How about watching this YouTube Video so you can see what it will take to do this: How to Install an SSD into a 21.5-inch iMac (Late 2012 – Early 2013). We upgraded two systems our selves.

@ruloes - To clarify the model you have has uses a custom 2 Lane PCIe interfaced SSD which is an M.2 format device.

Please run a standard performance test suite and post screenshots on what you are seeing so we can understand your concern.


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The Apple blade SSD drive is a custom part. You'll need to replace it with either the Apple OEM unit or a 3rd party unit thats designed for your system.

You'll need to take the system completely apart to gain access to the SSD drive. Review this IFIXIT guide: iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 2544 SSD Replacement.

Opening up the newer 'Thin Series' iMac's are a bear to open! And you risk damaging the display assembly if you are not careful. Make sure you follow the IFIXIT guide to the letter as it doesn't take much to damage the display. Don't forget the additional amount of work it will take to even get to the SSD. You may want to consider just replacing your current HD with a SSD and leave the two SSD drives independent.

OWC does offer a 1TB SSD unit that will work in your system. Here is the part: Aura 6G Solid State Drive. So you're half way there. Do take note the SSD is not compatible in slower i5 system.


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Here's a 768 GB stick that I know will work for you if you have the i7, and I've not only tested it, I'm selling it, It's also the best price out there on it. Blatant SPAM.

@ rules - If you want the real Apple SSD The part Mayer is selling (the content above this one) will also work for you as well.

You can lead them to water but,

Yes... I think some of it is a language issue as he still doesn't get it. I tried Mayer :-)


Why is not compatible my IMAC 13,1 i5 2,7 gb????


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Can you give us the make and brand of SSD you have? The M.2 standard is not as tight as the SATA standard was. Which is why one can't generalize things that all M.2 SSD's will fit all computers. Basically, the M.2 standard encompasses to much trying to be backwardly compatible with older standards as well as reaching forward to newer technologies.

Click on this URL link: Aura 6G SSD this is the SSD you will want for the Apple M.2 slot.


I undestand that this is SSD I need: Aura 6G SSD this is the SSD you will want for the Apple M.2 slot.

But this is M.2 slot or PCi or PCIexpress 3.0 4x, or MSATA,... ????

In Apple Store tell me that this slot is PCIe ???

Now I don´t undestand.

If it´s M.2 slot, Can i mount a Samsung 950 Pro or other models with transfer speed:

2150 read

1767 write


Thank you again.


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No, you can't use Samsung 950 M.2 SSD as the number of lanes it uses & the firmware that's on it won't work in your system. Yes, the interface of the SSD slot is PCIe (2 lane) and you must use a 2 lane SSD in your system. Review the OWC link specs section for what it can offer and compare it to the test people have done on the Apple supplied SSD if you want a far comparison. Yes, the Samsung 950 is faster as its a 4 lane PCIe SSD. In the newest iMac & MacBook Pro's Apple updated the SSD interface to a 4 lane PCIe but again you can't use any M.2 SSD as the onboard firmware needs to be compatible with the system.

Can you tell me diferent options with this slot, please?

There are none. You either need to get an Apple OEM SSD or the Aura SSD.


OWC Gets 1,200MB/s from SSD ????

It´s possible for my Imac??


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Are there mSATA a 2.5 " SATA adaptador Mini PCIE PCI-E expreso, it´s possible with this things.


I've given you what I know works and offers the best performance. I've heard of people doing so strange stuff but it's not worth the risks of killing your system. I would recommend you just bite the bullet here and do the right thing. Your only other choice is to leverage the external Thunderbolt port and connect via it externally a RAID'ed SSD array to get the same performance or switch out your internal HD for a 2.5" SSD but that would be going backwards from a performance perspective and you would loose the deeper storage a traditional HD offers at a lower cost.

One last choice here: Sell your current system and get a newer system with the SSD already installed in the iMac.



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