I have Power on, Power off issue, just explaining in my description.

Hi to everyone,

I am Muhammad Moazzam Bhutta!

I have Nikon cool pix P600 Camera, i am having bit issue with, when i connect camera to electric charger, immediately camera get hang, then i remove battery from the camera.

and the 2nd thing is camera not charging. when i connect charger camera get hang and power on off light stable and i didn't feel comfortable so i remove battery immediately from behind the camera even the charging light didn't indicate that camera is charging, even charging light didn't show up a single time.

I used 2 electric cable and 2 USB cable but all cable connected to the camera successfully because when i connect all 4 cable power on off light display and hang. please help me ???

Thank You.


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Just to clarify, every time you plug it in to charge it hangs your software up? Does it freeze the screen as well? Essentially, is your camera dead until you unplug it and remove the battery? Have you tried a different charger?


Hi oldturkey03,

First of all thanks for the reply, you know when i plug it in to the charge camera get turn off automatically and hang up then just one option behind is to remove the battery, if i unplug charge camera still get hang up. so i fear and remove battery. there is no other option for me to do. please help me.?? its 50 thousand rupees product in Pakistan so its very costly for me to buy another one.


Totally understand that. It does sound like you are having issues with either the cable, the charging port or the charger. Let's investigate......


i have a charging issue -at least that is what is appears tp be. i began having this issue when i purchased it nd i returned it for a new one . a few months afte i am having te same problem . the camera would not charge with the usb cable sometimes . now its completely dead no charging. . i bought an external charger to charge the battery - battery ok but camera would not turn on even with live battery. i believe its a switch on/off problem . great devise but not happy with this on going problem .