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SD Card Not Detected

Could not detect an SD card message. Card works in other SD readers. Tried multiple SD cards and non can be detected. Tried cleaning the contacts and blowing out any dust or dirt without any success.

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I just fixed this issue on my son's 3DS-XL Purchased in Dec 2014. He said that a message saying the "The SD Card couldn't be recognized. Please end the game and start again." This started happening intermittently and now the card cannot be read.

I noticed that the 4th pin from the lock tab was dirty on the SD card. After cleaning with an eraser still no luck. Tried putting the card into this laptop and there were files on it. I tried a different card in the 3DS and got the same message. Then I snapped some pics of the card connector in the 3DS with my phone to try and get a look at the pins. The contact for 4th pin (clock) was corroded. It looked much lighter yellow than the rest of the pins. I got a micro-SD adapter and cycled it in and out of the 3DS about 15 times. I put the original card and the card was recognized and everything seemed to work.

In summary: If you are stuck with the "SD Card" message try push-in push out another card a lot to try and get to good contact again.


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Hey Bill,

Nintendo's support site states that it cannot guarantee that products other than the included SD card will work. Incase you haven't checked it yet, here is the compatibility Support Article: SD Cards as well as a list of compatible cards that have been tested: Tested Cards. I hope this helps!

Best of Luck!


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The SD card has worked since the unit was purchased a couple of years ago. The card not being read and the message just started 2 or 3 days ago. I am trying to determine if it is a software or hardware problem and if it is a hardware problem is it just the SD card reader or is it the motherboard.


Maybe this can help:

"For anyone that is still having this problem (rip the video poster)

this is what worked for me, my 3ds wouldn't detect my micro sd:

"Now that I got some help on this, I need to pay my dues. Formatting properly and ensuring it was primary and not logical was not enough for me. I needed to do one more step to get it to work; using MiniTool Partion Wizard (downloading this software was sketchy for me, it forced a download of chromium, (not google chrome?) and I believe is installed a virus, ty windows defender) I changed the Partion Type ID to Fat32 to from what it was, Ex-something, but I'm sure it will work for any Partion Type ID your card comes with.

I'm using a MicroSDXC U3 Samsung EVO Select 64 GB with a Samsung SD Adapter "Samsung 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter (MB-ME64GA/AM)"

in my Super Smash Bros. Edition Nintendo 3DS XL. I'm so glad that I found a fix, I would've been so !#^&@@ had I bought a 64 gb micro sd that didn't even work for my 3DS...."


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i’ve got 2 linux ubuntu computers, no windows ones. i have the same problem where it can’t read the SD, but other SDs work and the SD reads in a laptop, also the sd has the same problem in my other DS. what tool could I use for my ubuntu 16.04 laptop?


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you need to start your own question. this is completely unrelated to the original person's problem and won't get any help..

It truly amuses me that people think that posting in an old forum about an unrelated topic will get them the help they need & deserve. Just create a new question! We'll be happy to answer your question if you start a new thread!



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