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My Home Button Is Stuck In

One day I pressed down on the home button and it got stuck on the front panel. I have tried to get it out by pushing strongly on the button at different angles and that isnt working. When i took it to the apple store they told me they can replace the device but that would cost one hundred dollars for a swap. Is there some kind of fix for this?

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Hi, this is a very common issue.

You will need to disassemble the ipod by loosing up the adhesives at the bottom and separating the glass from the adhesives. Once that's done you can use a metal tool to un lip the plastic frame that holds the glass and lift it. You can reference the disassembly guide.

Then you will see where the home button used to be. There should be a little black dot which is normally glued to the yellow kapton tape.

If the dot is not there (which it sounds like it is not) you need to find it or find a replacement for it which you can then glue in the middle of the home button and after that it should click and will work normally after.


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Go into settings on iPod touch and find assistive touch in accessibility and turn it on


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You are a genius. Thanks!

Brilliant! Apple were quoting a ridiculous price for a potential fix and didn't even mention this as an option. Thanks!

thank you SO SO MUCH. I was having an anxiety attack, and once I tried this I felt better almost immediately

thx so much. I am forever in your dept. THANK GOD

Dude you are a fucken genius. I just discovered that my physical home button is not responding for some odd reason. Your suggestion just saved me from taking my iPod 5th Gen to the iFix Store to have it looked at. It would've been expensive to fìx as it's an "Apple" device. Thanks again



You could take a toothbrush and brush along the crevasses. You could try it but it doesn't always work. Blowing air or using canned air could help too. I'm in the same situation right now but I've gotten nowhere. However, I intend on trying because I don't want to pay a hundred bucks just for a new one


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Can someone post the disassembly manual please. I have the same problem and to be honest I do not want to spend $100 for something i can fix myself also wouldn't the broken adhesive have to be re-done?


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I used a little alcohol on a q-tip and applied just enough to the edge of the button that capillary action took some of the liquid between the button and screen surface without dripping any into the iPod itself.

Next, I cut a strip of very sticky tape (book tape) to the width of the button and about an inch long, trimmed it round at one end and stuck it to the button. Tape extending past the button (i.e. not directly over the button) was covered with paper so the tape only sticks to the button. With this long leader attached to the button, I held it in place with my thumb and ROTATED the tape (rotating the button along with it.) After a few turns, whatever dirt was holding the button in place was loosened and the button popped back out again. Now the button works perfectly.

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