The Nikon D7000 is a 16.2 megapixel DSLR launched in 2010.

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Why are my photos blurry when I use AF?

I can't figure out why my photos are blurry when using AF. I think I'm doing everything right!

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Check if you have this with all your lenses.... if no, than you have to manually calibrate your body AF to your lens. The AF and optical focus need to be brought in line. There are descriptions on the internet on how to do this. Little test : Put something small in the middle of a table with a tablecloth with a print. With your diafragma wide open. Have your camera focus on your item and take the picture. Now..... view yr photo on a biggerscreen ( if possible ) and see where the real optical focal point of your photo is.... by looking at the print on the table cloth.... That you should have your answer....


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You may need to use the Nikon D7000’s AF Fine tuning feature to correct for differences in manufacturing. You may also need to take your camera to a repair shop for adjustment. For more information, see the troubleshooting page.


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