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How to fix my phone that dropped in water?

Ive dropped my phone in the toilet, I've dried it out (put it in rice etc.) but when turned on the screen doesnt come on

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When a phone comes in contact with water it is best to disassemble the phone as soon as possible and remove the battery. Next you should clean the logic board and other parts such as cable connections with 90 percent or higher isopropyl alcohol and a soft bristle brush such as a toothbrush. This helps remove minerals that are left behind when water dries. If not cleaned the minerals may lead to corrosion and possibly shorting of electrical components. If the battery came in contact with water it may need replaced. After cleaning with isopropyl alcohol try reassembling the phone and test if it powers on and functions correctly.

If you still have display issues after cleaning with the isopropyl alcohol then the display is probably damaged and you will likely have to replace the display.

There are many instructional guides on YouTube that can show you how to clean a phone with isopropyl alcohol, and some guides on this site too. Good luck and let us know if it fixes the issue or if you need more help.


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It's a myth that you need 90% alcohol. I used to think that too, but after conferring with some electrical engineering friends who work in the industry I found out it isn't true. The remaining x% that's not alcohol in isopropyl is made up of distilled water. Distilled water is used to clean electronics in most assembly plants worldwide as it's cheaper and less dangerous, and it works perfectly. So 70% isopropyl works fine. As does pure distilled water. One either case it needs to be dried. Of course alcohol helps speed up the drying as it evaporates at a lower temp.

Also, you don't need to limit yourself to isopropyl alcohol. Methyl hydrate (methanol) or denatured alcohol (ethanol with bittering agents added) works fine too, although ethanol evaporates very quickly in the air. I use methyl hydrate as it's cheaper and easier to find.

Also if you really want to strip the oxidation try mineral spirits. Don't inhale!

Isopropyl alcohol is known to work so how is it a myth? Works lots better than distilled water as its also a great degreaser. There are many products that can do the job and a person is not limited to using isopropyl alcohol but I suggest it because most people already know what it is and where to purchase it and it works extremely well. Rice is a myth not isopropyl alcohol.



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