Model A1419 / Late 2013 / 3.2 & 3.4 GHz Core i5 or 3.5 GHz Core i7 Processor, ID iMac14,2

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Thick black stripe on iMac screen after attempting HDD to SSD swap

I swapped my 27" iMac Late 2013's HDD to Samsung EVO 850 1TB SSD. Original aim is successful and the iMac is blazing fast now.

But while trying to close the iMac screen, all adhesives lined up, I connected the display's power cable and ribbon cable. Mistakenly, I lifted the display while trying to align bottom and ouch....the ribbon cable (vsync cable??) pulled out from its connector argh.....

I connected it back and closed the iMac. When I powered up there was a green vertical line (which was gone after a min) and the gray/black thick stripe about 1.5inch wide. This stripe stays all the time from boot to shutdown.

Tried SMC reset, PRAM reset... no luck.

I doubt the ribbon cable damage (is it vsync cable) I'm skeptical to reopen to play around without knowing what could be the issue.

Many questions on my mind....did I damage the display? Is the ribbon cable replaceable (I tried googling for spare part couldn't find a proper lead)?

Any help would be much appreciated thanks.

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Hi have you fix this problem?


Nope, I tried with a new display ribbon cable, didn't work.

I think the only option left is to replace the display...need to take it Apple :(

This is ridiculous. The display couldn't possibly have been damaged by replacing a HDD. The CABLE might have been damaged--or the connectors on either side of the cable, but to replace the entire display was just throwing money away.

The issue is not the HD cable!

In order to open the system you need to take the display assembly off. Thats the issue!

Just the act of taking off the display can damage it if you don't use the correct tools and not force things. Trust me! I killed two!

What happens is the tab connections within the sandwich of the display assembly get damaged when you pry the display off (over stressing the connections). What you are seeing is the black bar/s are the disconnected traces within the glass of the LCD.

A very expensive mistake!

Once the display is off it's a cake walk to get to the HD!


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Take a look at this question I suspect you have the same issue: I've got vertical lines on my iMac 27" screen.


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Thanks Dan, I still hope its a bad connector - planning to re-open once I get new adhesive sets.

If that doesn't work time to call up the service centre :(

yep, display damaged - have to order a replacement

this is the model number: iMac 27" LCD Glass Display Panel LM270WQ1(SD)(F2) 661-7885 (Late 2013) : Grade A.

Question for you Dan, the expert: if I replace QHD with retina 5K display- will it work? I know its silly but hoping to upgrade with the damage :)

Sadly I don't think you can upgrade the display. By just reviewing the IFIXIT display teardown here: iMac Intel 27" Retina 5K Display Teardown the displays are very different.

ordered a replacement display from (350euros including shipping) and got it in hand.

Awaiting for the adhesive strips from ifixit.

Will attempt to fix this weekend and update the results.

=== Update (09/12/2015) ===

Finally fixed the expensive mistake :)

Highly recommend, I paid half the price quoted by Apple Authorized repair shop in Dubai. Got the item within 5 days with standard shipping.

Also the iFixit adhesive strips and the removal tool are a must have!

iMac Intel 21.5" (2012-2017) Adhesive Strips


Exactly the same problem with me.

No way to repair this? I´ve taken all the extra cares doing this, still encountered the same problem... :(

When plugging it back, a black bar on the right side...

Any suggestions?


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Sorry guy, the display is toast ;-{

In the process of removing it you pressed a little to deep or twisted the tool so it over stressed the LCD electrical connections (TAB's) which then tie into the controller logic on the back of the display and then via the ribbon cable to your logic board. Its not repairable.

Using the IFIXIT tools makes this less likely but even still you can still mess up.

I have a horizontal stripe on the top( Mac book pro ) and never took off or damaged the display as far as I know. Tried all the start up ways but just will not boot up all the way. Help !,,


I know this is a very old thread but I believe I have solved the mystery. I purchased a used 27 iMac 5k with 3 black lines on the right hoping I could fix it. I tried everything to figure out why it was bad, GPU, cables, cable connectors, etc. I've also read every question on this topic on this site. It was not until I removed the metal shield on the top rear of the LCD that I saw that it had several cable ribbons from the long PCB connected to the screen. At first I thought the leads were bad, but upon closer inspection I noticed three of the ribbon cables were cut. 3 black lines on the right. 3 ribbon cables cut on the right. It appears that when the last person tried to get into this, they may have used a sharp blade or razor to cut the adhesive. In doing so they sliced too deep and cut into the ribbons! I don't know if the ribbons can be replaced or the rear PCB. I have never seen it sold anywhere and the soldering is so fine it can't be done by hand. :(

See pics:

Block Image


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You'll need to replace the display assembly iMac Intel 27" EMC 2546 & 2639 Display Assembly


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i think I am with the same trouble after changing hdd

any tips are very welcomed


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Unfortunately you nicked the ribbon cable while cutting into the screen. Check the green cables on the top, you may have to remove the metal shield to see it. The location of the cuts should coincide with the stripe. Click my link and see my cables:


You have the same problem so just read all proposal tips abowe and I am sure you will solve this problem as those guys did. Good luck.


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I opened my late 2013 27 in iMac to replace the broken hdd earlier this week and when I put things back together the screen stayed black (4th diagnostic light isn’t lit either,) one of the pins was bent on the vsync cable so I bought a replacement but still the screen is black. I was very careful with the screen, used the ifixit tool etc.

Any ideas?


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