The Apple iSight connected to a computer via a FireWire cable.

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What is the best program to use for surveillance?

Since I have about three of these I would like to use at least one to record when customers come into my home. I work out of my house and have times when those that entered were scary to me and I didn't know if I were about to be robbed. Also, this is a college town and I have a lot of young girls come to me for Macintosh service. My reputation is impeccable and I would like it to remain that way. What would be the best programs to use that wouldn't burn a lot of hard drive space? I'm not that concerned about resolution. I would like to be able to hit my keyboard for recording to start and stop.

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I would really appreciate some help on this!

Blue Iris (Security and Webcam Software)


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There are programs that do this, but if you use your home as a client meeting site, I'd try getting one "proper" IP camera and GeoVision. It's free NVR software if you buy their camera, it costs money if you use other company's cameras.

Their cameras are overpriced, but not bad in quality. Their software is amazing and that they give it away for free if you use their cameras is a great deal.

I'd recommend you set up motion detection so it is only recording when there is motion in a particular area, so it doesn't burn too much. Perhaps meet people in a specific area where the camera is set up, so it only records for a few minutes after it senses motion in your "client area." The sad reality with the systems where you click a button to start recording is that you won't hit the button when someone actually tries something, or may forget to, or may not be able to get to it to do that. I've had people try setups like these before and it doesn't end well. :(

There are many programs out there that do this, but the video logging is very poor. When you actually go to look through the logs, you find it is a miserable experience that you wouldn't wish on the very souls looking to rob you. Geovision lets you skip ahead to when there was motion. is a pretty cheap camera from them that will provide amazing quality and allow you to use their NVR software for free.


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Thank you very much Louis. It's very nice to have your expertise on the site. For some reason your post was deleted, I have no idea of why, but I reopened it. I still have moderator powers for now, but it's getting testy tonight. I went to the site and I actually bought this same camera out of China but they could never provide software that would work with a Mac for it.

Oh. Yeah, that awkward moment when the client asks if it works with OSX... and I have none. :(

Plan B; does it work with open broadcaster software? You click a button to stop & start recording. you could use x264 with a crf of 27 to keep filesize small, and limit framerate to something like 5 FPS.

I use it for youtube videos. It can take video from a plethora of sources. If it winds up being useless, at least it's free.


A1 Security Cameras

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Thank you for contacting us. Most of our camera system require ActiveX plug ins and use software and tools designed for Windows.

You can view and even do basic configuration of our Vivotek cameras through a mac using quicktime but viewing, recording, and in depth configuration is best done from a PC!


There is a program for OS X called Xeoma which appears to have very favorable reviews. It isn't free, but it appears to have a lot of features. You mentioned you wanted to be able to start/stop recording, but I couldn't find this feature in the software. It doesn't seem to take up too much space and was the best option I could find after some digging. I will continue to do some searching, but let me know how the trial version works for you.


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Robert, thanks so much for the help. I'll give it a try and let you know my results.

Thank robert, it success with me


For best security results, I suggest you use IP network HD security cameras because with these cameras, you will get monitoring report of every moment on your phone devices through specific applications/ software.


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