Late 2011 model, A1278 / 2.4 GHz i5 or 2.8 GHz i7 processor.

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Crucial SSD 512gb not detected internally

My MBP 13" Unibody Late 2011 is not detecting Crucial SSD 512gb even after I replaced the sata cable purchased from

I currently have Sandisk SSD 256gb and is working good. But I have also bought Crucial SSD 512 to upgrade my existing SSD to double capacity.

I realize that this new crucial (512gb)SSD works if I connect as external USB drive and load OS also. But when I place inside replacing my current SSD, it does not work. There comes a '?' Folder Icon and can't proceed.

Looking forward your suggestion to resolve my current SSD upgrading issue please!

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What is the SATA specs of the Crucial SSD? Did you delete the FAT partition it likely had on it and format/partition the drive with a GUID partition?

I am having the same issue... Prakash did you ever get this resolved?


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Looking at your systems specs (see above under your question) we see your system can support a SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) drives. And looking at the Crucial specs for the SSD it too is SATA III. So from a SATA I/O speed perspective its compatible.

An as you have managed to see the drive externally via a USB connection we know the drive is functional.

And now you state you have also replace the SATA cable. Still with no luck.

At this point I would put the original HD back in to make sure the SATA cable connection on the logic board is still working. If the original drive works we have isolated it back down to the SSD unit and the way it was prepared.

Using the external SATA to USB connection for your SSD drive lets open Disk Utility from the HD thats now running your system. Keeping it on the First Aid tab, lets take a look at the drive:

In the left column click on the drive its self (most left icon). Then looking at the bottom you should see to columns of information in the bottom right column you should see this: Partition Map Scheme: GUID Partition Table If not your drive is not properly prepped to be a bootable drive for Mac OS-X. Use the Erase tab to reformat the drive and make sure you set the format for Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Next if your Map scheme is correct you should click on the second icon just below the base icon of your drive this is the partition icon. Again look at the bottom information section here in the first column second entry you should see this: Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) it too must be the correct format type so OS-X can be made bootable.


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=> Crucial MX100 2.5 SSD

Model: CT512MX100SSD1 <=

I contacted Crucial Support, they told me it must be the SATA cable problem and recommended for replacement of this cable. So, I purchased SATA cable from, tried replacing.. but still does not work (same issue). Amazing ha?

If there will be no way to fix this, can you please let me know which adaptor do I need to purchase to use this SSD as my external drive with maximum possible speed? like thunderbolt2sata cable/adaptor? My concern is for speed. Thanks for your time and advise.

Can you give us the specs of this SSD, it maybe the SSD's SATA I/O speed is not compatible with your system or you have a defective unit. Did you try talking to customer service at Crucial to see what they had to say?


off course go on disk utility and format it properly!:)


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Offcourse I did format and clone my SSD using SuperDuper application properly, because I can run Yosemite from this new SSD when plugged in externally using USB. But it does not work while placed inside.

CHECK your format status, it does not matter externally but it does internally. Now three of us told to do it. Do it.

@Prakash Pradhan - You can not format a hard drive with SuperDuper. Please see step 1 in this SuperDuder guide here. iFixit has a guide for setting up a new hard drive here. lapo, Dan and Mayer have all given you good advice.

Prakash don't use SuperDuder, backup and install new clean os, is much better!

I created Yosemite USB installer and attempted to clean install OS. booting from this usb lead to the install screen to select the drive. My SSD does not appear here, so I opened the Disk Management utility to erase and format the drive as instruction found in web. But when I follow these procedures to place my SSD ready for install, the ERASE and Partition does not complete. as soon as I click ERASE, it does couple of things but sucks and the estimated remaining time goes increasing. I waited almost 8 hours to complete thins - but never completes.

So, I failed this way also. Can you guys recommend me what might be the issue.



Having the exact same issue. Any news about the solution?


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Sebastian While you may appear to have the same issue it might not be! Do you have the exact same system as Prakash? If not I would recommend you create your own question with your systems details.

As far as Prakash's issue he likely had a bad SATA cable.

Ditto... Same issue here... Anyone solve this yet?... Beuhler?



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