iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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iPad Air behaving erratically: "ghost touching" after screen replacement?

Usually, but not always, the replaced screen starts to behave erratically a while after installation. Immediately after screen replacement it works fine, but during the same day it starts to have these "ghosting" problems. The funny thing is that not every screen have this problem. I have been wondering what can cause this problem. Does the adhesive "let go"? Two screws at the top of the screen has a black protection sticker. I have tried to skip them and to keep them but still it doesn't help. I have tried to be really precise when I remove the old adhesive from the frame. I have also tried a "so called solution" to tape the digitizer copperframe, still no good. I also use the old home button. Are my replacement screens bad quality or am I doing something wrong?

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solution to phantom/ghost touches ipad air

The following link is a fellow user of Ifixit who posted how to fix this issue.

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Unfortuantly i couldnt find anything, apart that when the screen was replaced, it may have affected some hardware/components.

If you have warranty take it to your apple store. If you have repaired it yourself the warranty is now void.

My solution to this would be a new screen replacement from apple themselves.

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The tape solution doesn't help.

okay, give me a couple of minutes when i look for a solution


I hate the iPad air repair because of this ghosting problem! Even with the tape some iPads still have this problem.


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Ok a Repairer in this forum said that tape should be applied to the ribbon and the wires.


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Usually the taping needs to be done on the iPad mini. On the iPad Air it is faulty replacement screens. I have had 3 in a row sometimes, you can imagine how frustrating that is.

You can put the screen down before adhering and gently push around the edges without cracking the screen to see if there is any one area that triggers it.

Try and put on the old screen if it isn't damaged to much and see if it still is "ghosting".

If you have another iPad Air for testing you can test the replacement screens to see if they "ghost" on another device.


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