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I replaced old spark plugs and wires and now the engine vibrates.


I have a 1993 Honda civic EX coupe and I just recently replaced spark plugs and wires. Before I did anything to the car it ran perfectly fine,it just wouldn't start(bad ignition wires). I replaced the spark plugs and wires(now it starts)but the engine vibrates more then it did before. The vehicle also doesn't go past 40mph even when I floor it. I replaced one wire at a time so I wouldn't mix them up, so I don't think its that. My spark plugs didint come pre gapped, so I gapped them myself. if I had done this wrong could it be the reason for my problem? Also could how tight I put the spark plugs be a factor? I'm going to buy pre gapped sparkplugs tomorrow and put those in and see what happens.

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Hector93422, "Also could how tight I put the spark plugs be a factor?" no but going to be a PITA if you tighten them tight and could destroy the thread in the cylinder head. No reason to overtorque spark plugs. The gap could be an issue if you were way off either to much or way to small. I am somewhat in agreement with the wires being not where they are supposed to be. Double check your work on that.


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Oldturkey03, I had my wire's mixed up :)

good job in finding it. Happens a lot....:-)



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