iPhone4S是第五代iPhone。网络制式为GSM/CDMA ,存储容量有8GB、16GB、32GB、64GB可选,机身颜色有黑色、白色可选。维修iPhone4S是容易的,需要耐心,用到的工具有螺丝刀、撬棒等。

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I dropped my iPhone 4s and the screen has gone blank

This morning I was at a friends house and I was looking on my phone, the iPhone slid out of my hand and fell onto the floor... When I picked it up the screen went white and lines started to go across it, I'm very worried!

I turned the on/off button and the home button for 10 seconds and it still came on with the White screen, I still can go on it. All my calls and messages come through and I can till charge it but I can barley see anything.. Can somebody please help?

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The LCD is damaged and needs replacing. Turning it on/off will not solve anything, unfortunately.


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Okay, would you know how much it will be to replace it? Many thanks

Well, you can buy them for as as little as £10/$18 but you will have to fit it yourself. It's not all that difficult but I would recommend getting a shop to repair it. I normally charge £25 for this service, I'm not sure what shops in your area will charge

Okay thankyou very much for your time to help me, going to a repair shop tomorrow so I will see how much they will charge me. :)

Great! there's plenty of guides on here that can guide you through it if you're wanting to give it a go yourself plus plenty of people on here willing to help, good luck!

Yes thankyou very much! :)



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