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My games will not load

I cannot play games on my 3ds. When I put a game in the 3ds does not load or even recognize the game. This happens with all games not just one particular game. I have inspected my games and the pins are not the problem. Help please

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I putted a piece of paper but it didnt work

One of my 3ds games wont load either. I tried cleaning the contacts but that hasn't made a difference. Also none of the contacts seem broken/damaged. Anyone have any ideas to fix this?

Please fix it so I can load games again


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There are several things that commonly cause this type of problem:

1) The pins inside the 3DS game slot may be dirty. If this is the case then the first thing to try is to insert a game and then take it back out several times in a row (like 10). If that doesn't work then you can use rubbing alcohol and soak a q tip in it, then rub it on the pins of one of your games. After the pins are wet with alcohol insert it and take it out several times. If none of this works then try the next option:

2) If the pins in the game slot are not dirty then you likely have either a bent pin or one that has been pushed down and needs to be pulled back up. The best way to tell if this is the case is to use a good, bright light and shine it into the game slot. While the light is on it you need to take something like a dental pick and insert it into the game slot. You will see a thin metal piece that will move. You need to move this piece up so you can see the actual game slot pins. See if any are bent. You also need to look at them all very carefully to see if any of them are lower than the others. If they are then they need to be bent back up.

You will also want to look to see if there is anything jammed in the game slot. I've seen that several times too.

Both methods (but especially #2) need to be done very carefully. Someone who is good and experienced at this can probably fix it without taking anything apart. Sometimes the bottom case needs to be removed to repair it, and if it's really broken the whole game slot will need to be replaced.

I could repair this for you if you don't feel comfortable doing it.


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What about 3ds xl.ds games work but 3ds games won't work

would a pencil work instead of a dental pick

No, a pencil would not work. It would likely break and possibly get jammed in the slot. Also, you need something that has a curve or hook or something at the end so you can grab the pin and bend it back.

Can you fix mines please? I might screw up on it plus I have the new Nintendo 3ds xl the newest version of the Nintendo 3ds can you help? can contact me by clicking on my name...that will show you links to my website. Then just contact me from there.



Sky3ds+ orange button support all of the 3DS games. You can download the rom from reliable source, then copy to the root directory of micro sd card, then run the game.


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you have face on your 3d game same problem im face but i was update my flash resolved this issue and if you want play [|pokevision alternatives ] its best option no stop and freez problem thanks


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put in game then turn the 3ds on. for me it will show the game but it will freeze trying to load it same with eshop. need a way to update it to see if that works.


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Which type of alcohol?


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And I need help because i followed the instructions and it didn't work.



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