Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Laundry detergent spilled inside of 3DS

Just got a 3DS with laundry soap spilled inside of it. Battery contacts look ok and not wet, but soap looks like it got inside of the top screen and the logic board. It hasn't been turned on since it happened. How the heck to I get detergent out of this thing, and is it even worth it to spend the time to do it? How does thick stuff like laundry soap damage electronics? Any advice would be helpful! Thanks.

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I would take the motherboard out and get some 90% alcohol and dip a toothbrush into the alcohol then scrub the whole board, front and back, with it. After it's done let it dry for a good long while...24 hrs or so. I usually set mine in my window sill in the sun.

As far as the top screen goes. I would just remove the lens and clean it with some canned air then a micro fiber cloth if needed after that, then re install the lens. Be sure that there is no debris on the lens when you re install it.

I think after you do this your 3DS will work fine.


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Thanks for the tips. Nintendo offered to fix it or send a refurbish for $85, so I recommended that to the owner of the 3DS.

Nice...$85 is a good price for a refurb. from Nintendo. If they want to sell it let me know.

Do you repair a lot of these?

I normally do computer, phone, or tablet repairs but I am starting to dabble more in gaming consoles. I've never had to fix something with greasy thick stuff like soap inside, so it was kind of a first for me haha.



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