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Touch screen not picking up touch

Good evening,

I have an iPhone 4s 32 gig, I dropped it last week, while in a LifeProof and it landed flat on it's back like a pancake. Picked it up assuming it was cracked and it wasn't, hit the power button went to slide my finger across to unlock it and it wouldn't unlock, no matter what I did i.e. camera, settings, etc... nothing would work, I opened the case and the back glass was shattered.

I got online and ordered a new replacement glass for front and back assuming the digitlizer was shot, got it in yesterday and put it on this afternoon and still has the same problem. It turns on can do the hard reboot but nothing on the screen will work. I did more research and still am coming up empty handed. I ended up putting it in DFU and doing a complete reboot because a few people said that fixed their issues... still no luck. Any idea what it could be?

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Since replacing the screen failed, some components on the board may have been damaged. There is a chance they can be fixed by a technician trained in micro-soldering. There are some people on iFixit who have this level of skill. If you don't know anyone let me know I'll give you a couple of names I know from here. They can troubleshoot your phone and advice you about the needed repair.


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Hello right if you can get a screen that works from a known iPhone I would try that and if that is still coming up with no touch then it's the motherboard that's damaged.

Seen this happen in a iPhone 4S before no Matter what screen I used touch didn't work


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