Nokia Lumia 920由诺基亚开发并于2012年11月发布,搭载Windows Phone 8操作系统。

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Phone fell, no visible damage, doesn't turn on

My 920 fell onto a hard floor. There is absolutely no visible damage, and absolutely no sign of life. Something disconnected? Component destroyed?

If I can get it apart, is there any possible solution that I - not particularly gifted in these areas, but not stupid - can effect myself?

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I have a Nokia Lumia 928 and I had dropped it that last time when I was moving to My new apt and it fell and u went almost 2-3 months without a phone and I finally got one n I need help to make it come back on this is really a small phone please help


hey that just happened to me i just threw the phone against the wall and it turned right back on. weird but it works.

Please read the comment below, don't throw your phone.

Please dont throw the phone... Just press the power and volume low key simultaneously for 30 will definitely reboot...

Ok you have to on the button on your phone



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kLyon, if you are absolutely sure that it is not coming on, you may need to take a look at the inside of it. Pay close attention to your battery contacts. Use this video guide to work on your phone. Of course, try a reset as explained on here and some more on here first. Hope this helps, good luck.


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Thanks for your help! I found a comment on a forum about someone in the exact same situation as me - dropped phone, no visible damage, bricked. Even though nothing happened when it was plugged into power, he - as a last resort - put the phone on a wireless charger. In ten minutes it was fine.

So I tried the same thing: same result. Ten minutes and it was fine, back to normal.

Odd, huh?

I need help for my infinix hot note, it fell on hard ground and is not displaying any context

my itel A11 fell down on the rog and my flashlight was on when it fell but when i wanted to on my phone it did not on so i decided to remove the battery after removing the phone begin to vibrate so i removed the battery again after that it did not on again...pls what can i do


Press the power key and the down volume key simultaneously for 30 seconds. Its a hard powerboot and it turns on the phone. Just happened to me today and I remember doing it anytime my phone freezes.

Good luck,



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I am so very happy, my phone rebooted with this fix. So wonderful to have it working.

Thanks alot man, much appreciated. worked for me. Thanks again

Great Help Man. It worked for me.

Thanks man it worked

Does the phone have to be plugged to a charger


It is possible the LCD is damaged. Replacing the glass, digitizer and LCD as one complete unit ran me about $80. If you have ever worked on cell phones and have the proper tools, you can do it.


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The screen seems fine (visually). The phone just won't power up. If the screen was damaged, wouldn't the phone power up and just not display anything?

The phone could be powering up, but it is possible you can't tell because the LCD may be messed up.

Same here - if I charge, the display works fine to show me tha manufacturer and the % of battery, then dies again. The power button itself seems not working after fell. (Prestigio)


my phone fell and refuse to on whats the problem


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