A general purpose laptop released in 2010 with a 15.6" screen.

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Why won't my laptop read any CD or DVD?

I can open the optical drive and insert a CD/DVD but once the drive is shut the CD/DVD does not read.

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Danielle Hepperle, make sure that your drive is till recognized by your BIOS as well as your operating system. You could try and reinstall the drivers for it as well. Get yourself a CD Drive cleaning kit and see if you can clean the lasers which are most likely causing this issue. If none of that works, consider replacing the drive. Use this video as a guide. Around 1:20min it will show you how to remove that drive. the drive itself is available at places like ebay for around $20. Hope this helps, good luck


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I would recommend cleaning it as oldturkey03 mentioned, but if that doesn't work follow our optical drive guide to replace it.


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My accer 5000 says no no operating system. I have a operating system on DVD how do I get it to read it ?


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Is your DVD disc an installation disc i.e. is it bootable?

If so get into the BIOS (press the F2 key on startup) and see if both the HDD and the DVD drives are listed as being detected. If they are both listed try changing the boot order so that it boots from the DVD drive first. Save the changes and the restart the laptop.

If it doesn't start to load from the DVD can you hear the DVD drive spin up. If so perhaps you have a dirty lens in the DVD drive. Search online on how to clean it. If it doesn't spin the disc and it has been detected by BIOS perhaps the DVD drive is faulty. If it wasn't detected in BIOS earlier it is faulty or has a loose cable connection.

My dad's laptop is brand new it won't play cds. It will however play dad's but the system used to play them disappears everything you close it. This app also plays cds. Help!

Dvds (not dad's!)



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