Compact digital camera with built-in flash with 10.0 Megapixel, 10x Optical Zoom and Image Stabilizer System. Disassembling requires the use of certain equipment.

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My camera is showing "lens error/restart camera", how do I fix it?

My camera is giving me a "lens error/restart camera" message and the shutter seems to be a bit opened. How do I solve this problem?

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I'm also experiencing this error message, however...

• the camera turns on,

• the lens extends outwards,

• the lens contracts inwards,

• the camera turns off...

I did notice the superficial disfigurement that is on the outer shell of the lens, but this shouldn't cause this error as on occasions, the camera turns on, the lens extends outwards, and I can snap a few pictures, unless I aim the camera in any direction other than straight ahead - if not straight ahead, the lens contracts inwards & camera turns off.

Try pointing the camera at the ground. This works for me EVERY time. Gravity is a ##&&%.

I just got this error and had no clue what to do. tried pointing it at the ground and it worked! Thanks so much!

My lens cover does not open?

hi i have x50 and my wife droped it when it was on I need to take it apart and fix it any tips?


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You are experiencing a common error. Normally this is a problem with the lens extension mechanism that is activated when the camera starts. This can normally be attributed to a dirty camera case or other grit getting into the camera mechanism. Other possible sources are physical jarring during operation or low battery during operation. The fist thing you should do is remove the existing batteries and the memory card from the camera, wait one minute and then put the batteries and the memory card back again into their compartment. Next, turn the camera on. Another possible solution is to blow compressed air around the lens mechanism, or a hair dryer on a no heat setting. Also, you can slide a piece of paper around the lens area and move it around the gaps in an effort to dislodge anything stuck in there.


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Thank you for your tips. I tried all of the above and still nothing :( I'm lost without my Canon Powershot SX120 IS as I never leave the house without it lol I will continue my search for an answer, as I'm leaving Aug. 1st for a beautiful sailboat trip to do some fishing..if by chance I find another way to fix this problem, I'll post it..

Thanks again...


Thanks so much!! Your solution worked for me!

Same problem lens not coming out showing lens error don't know what to do pl help can I go to the service center please help

Oh, Thank you so much ! This was helping ! The (old) camera functions again ! Marvellous ! Thank you so much ! :)

Laying the camera flat on its back (lens up) and tapping it gently on a tabletop during startup caused the lens to finally open up.



I went through this on mine. Get it serviced, once they are serviced right by a technician, the cameras perform beautifully. I think they just don't always come out of production perfectly. The place I would recommend (I've used them twice and they are exceptional for Canons - it's all they service) is: They are very affordable as they have flat rate service packages, their work is superb. Never had a problem with either camera after service, they do some tweaks to make them better than the way they come from production. I would really recommend them if you need help with this lens error problem.


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I had the same problem with my Powershot SX120.

I found that the spring for the batteries had gone a bit down. Fixed that and problem seems to be solved.


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how can i fix my powershot sx610 hs?


I have a Fujifilm XA3, There is an error message “Turn off and then turn back on again”. I already sent it to the service center for a week ago now after that the camera works smoothly but now, the error message shown up again.


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