How can I fix my converter box?

I get two APEX DT250A TV Signal Converter boxes they went off and no way to get them back on

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Converter box for what? Digital tv signals? Need more specific information to be able to help you. Provide a model for the converter box please.

it,s a APEX DT250A tv signal converter box

Do you mean you get no power or no signal? Any lights? Have you tried a different power outlet? Did they both go bad at the same time?

the red light is on. it suppose to turn green when it's on.this don't happen whatever i do. they broke down 2 weeks apart

Thanks guys i will check these web pages



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Here's where to download the manual for your box:

It seems you're not alone with this failing product. Here's a forum on it:

I cannot find anything on repairing it. But I've found a lot of reviews.

I don't think I've seen worse reviews since the Edsel came out


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Research +

Ok, I got three emails on the Edsel comment, so here from the Wiki: The Edsel was a brand of car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company during the 1958, 1959, and 1960 model years. The Edsel never gained popularity with contemporary American car buyers and sold poorly. Consequently, the Ford Motor Company lost millions of dollars on the Edsel's development, manufacture and marketing. The name "Edsel" has since become synonymous with failure.


Does remote work? If you own a digital camera, use it in "video mode" to film the output of your remote control....point APEXRemote with new batteries at the video and press any buttons on should see a "lighted flash" pattern corresponding to the output or button pressed. Most new digital cameras are "IR sensitive" and detect any IR light pulsed out of most remote controls' IR LED. All use an "IR LED" which outputs infrared rather than visible light.

I use the camera on my tablet to "see" if a remote still works.

Another time, a satellite receiver I had with no replacement remote available was made to work when I re-powered the remote itself (I thought it was bad....) from an alternate source. BATTERIES alone weren't strong enough to run remote.....I used a 5v USB power adapter to run with a thin cable into battery compartment. Worked great!!! Remote needed more power, I guess.....

Suspect the remote if the power supply on APEX box is still working 100%. Otherwise, that is next thing to suspect.


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you's the REMOTE that' the problem; not the box; it's actually pretty good quality build....BUT: the remote??? CRAP.

PROBLEM: the battery terminals get corroded quickly with that 1st crappy batteries we get when NEW (remember? no name crappy one?) and it merely won't send IR emissions `cause it ain't running anymore `cause the battery is not making contact inside battery bay. The $@$*!& REMOTE APEX USES...

TO PROVE: Use fingernail to split open remote halves. Clean; rinse; repeat. Re-assemble. Reinstall good new batteries and test. SEE?

BETTER SOLUTION: Get a good quality UNIVERSAL REMOTE and program it for "APEX" TV or VCR or TUNER (if they have)

It's same as others. Get better user interface IE: a BETTER REMOTE


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