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Why does my Pioneer stereo not produce any sound?

I recently attempted to install my pioneer car stereo into my 99 Jetta. The first time I turned it on after install, I heard a spark. Looking closely, there was an exposed wire that had come in contact with the stereo's outer casing.

At this point, the stereo doesn't send any signal to the speakers. The unit powers on and reads CD's just fine, but refuses to make any kind of sound. Any ideas?

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replace your pre sound IC it would cost you around $10

I recently hooked up a new deck in my truck. It is hooked up to an external amp and i can get the bass of my amp and subs but no treble from my stock speakers. Theres no exposed wire that isnt electrical taped and everything seems to be hooked up correctly. Any suggestiins?

Have a pioneer bhv-x381 bt deck plays on blue tooth & cd just fine but no regular radio no sound new, deck ideas plz

Hi Paula Overton,

Check that the aerial connection is OK. Do you get any sound when selecting AM or FM such as 'hiss' in the speakers?

Have you tuned in the stations?

My carrozzera pioneer not producing sound . can I import presound ic, where? Model Ivic-zho99g



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Sounds like you might have blown the amplifier in the deck. Hook the RCA outputs into an external amplifier of some sort and see if there is sound there.

Also, I second markus on check all the wires. Plus this time before you put it back in be sure to cover all non used wires with tape or something to prevent shorting. The amplifier turn on wire shorting for example has been the cause of many blown decks.


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I recently hooked up a new kenwood deck in my car but it only plays front speakers and sub , wont play 6 by 9s at all .so i hooked the old one up and they all worked even the 6 by 9s , any ideas?

Hi @chevybass ,

What is the model number of the kenwood and what is the make and model of the car?

Did you need to use a different adapter cable from the deck to the car's audio wiring plug?

Also you may get better responses if you ask your 'comment ' as a new question, rather than on a 7 year old answer as it might not be noticed here by many . Give the extra relevant information as I asked ;-)

It is a kenwood kdc bt365u and it had the same adapter so i didnt need to rewire it , my car is a 2008 chevy malibu lt

Hi @chevybass ,

Have you checked that the 'speaker size' settings are set correctly in the deck?Here is a link to the User Guide (which you probably have got) for the unit. Go to p.21 to see how to get to the audio settings for the "Speaker Size" - Front - Rear - Woofer and check that the settings for the rear speakers are OK and are not set to None

Got it set to 6by 9 and nothing



hi, i've looked around a little bit

it could be blown power amp but it could also be a cable problem

if a cable speaker is shorted to ground or (in your case) the short was on the casing the radio mutes the output to save the amp

remove all cables and put them back to the radio - connect the speakers one by one to see if it works or mutes again


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Ok, I have pioneer sound system which now seems to have a problem of function completely. Funny thing it does go on and off but nothing else. No radio functionality, doesn't open the disc compartment, nothing. Just on and off. Any help out there anyone


which Ic using for power amplifier?

there is a luck test ... if the ic is not blown but not powering on , then take a relay (12v) connect one side of relay coil to deck grount , and next coil just touch and release to vcc pin of amplifier ic , the relay makes a 'tick' sound , as it produce some back emf there is a possibility of switching it on , in my case it works .. I has the same prob with my chevorlet inbuilt radio...


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heyy im also facing the same problem i remobed the IC it was toast bt then i lost it now i donno the type to buy for a DEH1850Xub


This is what I would do given the information! Some wiring in cars do not hook directly into aftermarket stareos. Check with a spair speaker to see if your deck is working. If it is, then the problem is in the wiring to the car and you mmost likely need another adapter. If you had sound before the spark, then it is most likely your amp. In this case, include an amp into your sstereo configuration and problem solved.

note, some car audio has power amps built in and can have blown/burnt fuse due to the spark, however unlikelydon't forget about that


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