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My 4S doesn't stop rebooting. After Operation


I need your help! Let me make it the clearest possible:

- 3 months ago I tried a deep operation of my iPhone 4S: Changing the mid-frame. The operation did go pretty well until the screen part came in. I basically (slightly but still) cut the "Touch" cable of the screen.

After remounting all the device together the iPhone turned on, without any problem (no porblem of any button nor antena -> it still had signals) however the Touch screen was not so "Touch" anymore.

I went out and bought an iPhone 5...

- 5 days ago I received a brand new "Chinese" screen for this 4S. I installed it and after trying, reassembled the iPhone together but now:

  • The iPhone doesn't seem to be charging
  • When unplugged to a power source it doesn't turn on
  • When plugged it reboots eternally
  • It is not recognized by the computer (Macbook Pro)
  • When plugged to the computer it doesn't turn on

Do you have any idea of what could have happened to the device?

Thanks in advance for your comments and insights,



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so definitely dock connector issue. as for the boot loop, i would try putting in DFI mode which is a deep recovery mode for iphones then itunes would recognize it as being in recovery mode and you could try restoring it. but i would also replace the battery to ensure its not a matter of power source outage. so try replacing the battery and dock connector first.


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Have you tried testing the phone by replacing old screen? You don't need to completely dismantle, just pop off LCD and digitizer connectors and plug old ones back in. If phone works (minus touch capability obvs) then it sounds like a problem with screen. Dont always buy cheapest screen you can find, look at feedback ratings for seller. Also check everything is grounded properly all the gold connectors are where they should be etc. If you can get it in DFI mode then mac will have easier time finding it.


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Change your battery and check the battery connection. Check the voltage on the outside battery connector with the phone plugged in and the battery removed. Your computer will not have enough amperage to power up your phone, if the battery is completely discharged. Anything below 2.8V will put the battery in a no-charge state. You could try to "quickstart" it, by briefly connecting a 9 volt battery to the iPhone battery. Just for a few second, which should be enough to get the iPhone battery above that threshold. Watch the polarity of the battery and connect only like contacts, do not reverse the polarity.


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Thanks man! This really looks like great insights !!

Sorry, this might seem to you a stupid question but how do I check the voltage? I need an ammeter, don't I?

What would happen if I reversed by accident the polarity?

What exactly would do the Quickstart?

What do you call a no-charge state?

Again many thanks for your help and sorry for all the questions...



Thanks to you both for your help!

@ gtcoodyscoops: I don't think that the dock connection is the problem since when I plug the iPhone to a power source (other than the computer) then it turns on. The problem seems to be related to the power source.

I can't put it in DFI because for the iPhone to enter in DFI it needs to be plugged to the computer however mine when plugged to my Mac doesn't respond.

@Steven: I've already tried to plug the old screen into the phone but no luck. I also think that the grounded pieces could be the source of the problem or the battery... but I can't seem to identify precisely the problem.

Last I don't really feel like spending more money on this device (battery)...

Many thanks for your advices!



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ah i am now noticing you said "When plugged it reboots eternally".... ok so i guess battery then, but let me correct DFI and say DFU mode (just to save face, lol) and i can definitely relate to you because my iphone 4's refuses to turn on regardless of the fact that all the internal cables are brand new along with the screen which is what i originally wanted to replace. and on top of that there is no water damage so idk... but good luck

Hahahahah Good one for the DFI besides we all 3 used the same ... Really a good one! I guess we're all tired!

Let me just say that I'm truly sorry for your horror story... Because from replacing a screen going to a brick is truly a nightmare!!! But that's specifically why I really don't want (unless someones comes by and says:"The same happened to me and its gotta be this...") invest more in the device...

I guess that if I have no answer I'll try to sell it as is on eBay...

thats what im doing... but im going to try buying another dock connector because the sticker on it was red and was used even though it was advertised as new... i will buy one that i know will definitely work so i can truly rule out charger port because i cant imagine my 4s logic board being a goner... and its the same for my two 4's... buying parts is such a gamble these days because ppl are sell you sh!t instead of quality... sucks



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