Water Damage, No Sound or Images on Screen.

I got this phone broken after the person who had left it for weeks without doing anything with it. I took it apart and cleaned the board a bit. Replaced the front screen. Nothing can be seen shining a torch.

The battery works, it charges through the dock fine. Reformats perfectly and sets up perfect through itunes as expected. Just no visuals or sound.

What do you suggest my next move should be. Many thanks for any help and advice in advance :)

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How did you clean the board? If it had untreated water damage, it is possible that you have corrosion issues.


I just dabbed the bits where there was visible corrosion on the board, with a cotton wool bud and Isopropyl alcohol. Let it dry a couple of days and put it back together. Is it neccersary to put it in a full bath? It did not look to bad. I expect they tried to turn it on and blown something no?


That of course is possible. I would most certainly disassemble the phone and clean every parts with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush. Do not forget the connectors and the cable ends. It is okay to submerge the board in isopropyl alcohol and you may have to repeat this a couple of times. While you do that, check the board for any burned, missing or otherwise suspicious components.


I took the metal covers off the logic board and there was not any visible damage from the last time I did and it was only very minor. No blackening on the board. All the connectors looked fine visually. Gave it a clean. Put it back together. Same as no sound or pictures.

Shows up in itunes.

Unsure what is the next step.