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No backlight after I replaced the screen?

I replaced the screen in a macbook a1181 because of the screen being cracked. Put the new lcd in and it worked great! but after I got it back together the backlight stopped working. I replaced the inverter and the inverter cable but still nothing. I also checked the the old screen with it again because even though it was cracked the backlight still worked, but that did not work either, no back light which tells me I think its not the new screen that is the problem, if anyone could help I would be very grateful.

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Remington Frisbie, since there are quite a few A1181 it will help if you start off by giving us the last 3 digits of your serial number. This will help us to properly identify your computer.


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Hi, you should check voltages at backlight inverter cable. If you replaced the LCD, then you know it is located at the left side of the logic board. Voltages are: pin1 (right side): 12V, pin2: ground, pin3: 5V, pin4 (left side): 3.3V. This is for early 2008 model (Penryn). Yours may have connector placed with wires coming out from left side. In that case, pin1 is the lowest one. I had similar issue that one of the zero ohm resistors got burned out.

You can see that here:

Voltages of pins on logic board where inverter cable hooks up.


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Hi !

I'm not keen on Mac repair but as far as I know, the blacklight and display supplier part (I unfortunately can't remain its name) is always changed by Apple when they change displays, because it's actually really weak. You shall look after this.

Hoping to have helped you,

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