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macmods adapter - use

Hi, Im using the macmods adapter and have some questions, (Im apologize about my english):

Do someone knows if its ok to connect to 1 tube lcd an inverter designed to feed 2 tubes?

The imac intel inverter its connected to a original 2 tubes lcd, but the macmood includes an Y adapter to use a single tube lcd as replacement, I notice that the one tube lcd I use goes to hot on the bottom (where the tube is placed) and perhaps is cause the inverter doubles the current nedded for the tube.

I dont know to test it, I mean how to measure and compare the original current on the 2 tubes lcd vs the 1 tube replacement lcd.

Thanks a lot

Alvaro from Uruguay

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It might help if you can give us more information about the macmods part (post a couple of images) and where you got that part from.


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I think this is a question you should be asking the vendor/manufacturer. You'd be much more likely to have people with experience and knowledge of this 3rd party hardware there than here.

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