New replacement battery for MacBook Pro not recognised

I replaced my Macbook's battery (after following the guide from iFixit) and the computer did not recognise it.

The only way for me to turn it on was to plug in the MagSafe connecter (which only showed the green light).

I then asumed it was a problem with the replacement battery (from eBay) and put back the original battery.

For some strange reason, the original battery wasn't recognised either!

I've reset the PRAM and SMC, but still to no avail!

I would greatly appreciate your help!

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I replaced my battery (2x - first one like a transplanted organ failed after 22 minutes (even after a full charge). So, I called Ifixit and they promptly (thank you) sent out another one. I replaced it, It seemed to be working fin after fully charging it (per instruction); then this morning, nothing when I turned it on. I tried the option, control PR reset; still nothing. I opened up the computer, using my spudger disconnected the battery again. Placed it back in place and turned it on and miracle of miracle, it worked. I put it back together But for the second time in a row, the clock/calendar had to be reset. (I hope this doesn't mean it will fail again because I want to replaced the HD and memory next.) Any ideas of what might be going on?


I got the same issue with 2 battery (original and the other from ifixit).

Try all things show up in the thread :/

Has anyone found a fix for this problem?

I have the same problem. Have anyone found a fix for this problem?

same problem.

I've replaced a battery for my Macbook 15 Retina 2012 and I've reset SMC and PRAM and nothing happens,

Fans works at high speed, keyboard backlight fail and all the SMC symptoms.

Any Idea?



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I'd reset the System Management Controller (SMC):

this resets all the power setting.



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https://www.macrumors.com/2017/07/24/mid... Checa esta página, soy el dueño de la de 15" que tienes

@tito3 That article has to do with machines with glued in batteries. It has nothing to do with this question.


New batteries need to be charged before use. New batteries are known to fail straight out of the box on occasion (especially cheap Chinese ones) . Contact your vendor about the battery. In the mean time try removing all power (main and battery) for a full 24 hours before reconnecting any power might solve your problem. Start by connecting the battery but not powering up. You do not need to completely button down the top case, but put a few screws in tight enough that the ribbon cable will stay connected. Attach the main and see if you get a red (charging) light. Let the battery completely charge before attempting to boot.

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Thanks for your response.

I have followed your steps, but when I put back the power cord, and waited for a little while, the light was still green.

Is there anything else I could do?

With which battery? Yours or the new one. Try disconnecting the battery and letting the system sit 24hrs without any power at all. Then put back the battery (new one). If the charger LED stays green it sounds like you have a logic board problem that needs to be fixed as well. Did you use ESD protection when you opened the system?

I did the steps, precisely as they are written above. I then installed the NEW battery, and the light on the connector was still green.

Should I remove the battery and leave the computer without any power for 24 hours, then install the OLD battery and see what happens?

If there is a problem with the logic board, can that be easily fixed?

Also, could you explain what ESD protection is?

Thank you very much for your help!

How do I protect against this when installing the battery?



Found this problem and already fixed it! my computer is Macbook pro retina 15" mid 2012. i bought new one from my local shop and it cannot open without plug magsafe. the battery status say "not charging" use power adaptor as source. even magsafe light is orange. also say "replace now"

Cause of this problem is the new battery have no remain charge and it absolutely 0% . I done many things in this post and other. (reset smc, pram , everything) and it useless.

So i shutdown. replace battery with original one (The one that come with your computer) then Boot it, plug magsafe (power adaptor). and check battery status, it should say "charging". Then shutdown , remove magsafe, remove original battery and replace it with new one. Then plug magsafe adaptor without try to press power button. you should plug magsafe first and only! and your computer will automatically boot. Finally, with some luck. the battery status will say "charging" maybe it also say "replace now". Don't worry, Let it charge like 10 minute and shutdown , Start it again. Your battery should say it have normal condition and everything should work fine.

Thank you for this post and all you guys, hope you all can fix this problem with the way i can too :)

ps. sorry for my bad english.


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Having a major issue with my replacement battery too. I have reset the pram, the SMC. It just still has that little X through it. Does anybody have any alternative answers or am I gonna have to throw it at the wall in a blind fury?

This fixed my problem a month ago with a MBP 13'' 2011. Thanks! yesterday I had to remove the new battery again in order to change the Harddisk. Same issue after reassembling: X over the battery symbol and not charging. The problem is even worse this time, because I don't have the original battery anymore!

Thank you for your answer... so far i am having the exact same problem with the new battery.... it shows "Not Charging" REPLACE NOW ... cycle count is 0, charge is 0 the light on the charger is orange but it just won't charge.

When I connect the power it turns on immediately.

I tried connecting the old battery and it worked fine, i shut down, connect new battery ... same thing happens.

Maybe I bought a damaged battery?

P.S. I tried smc reset etc....


It being Winter time many peoples homes don't have enough moisture in the air to dampen down the static charge you get from walking around a carpeted floor or even your legs and arms rubbing in your clothes. Even in the summer when you have A/C running you can have a static problem.

So during the winter months (or anywhere were its dry) you must control static by using proper ESD practices. Use anti-static mat which is grounded correctly to work on your gear and wearing a anti-static wrist strap that is connected to the mat so everything is fully discharged static-wise.

The other concern here is using the correct tools when working on powered equipment and removing battery packs. You need to use non-conductive pry tools (as an example) when disconnecting the battery power leads and using great caution with your screwdriver when removing screws internally when the battery is connected. If don't you could damage something.


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I replaced my battery with a "alternative" one and every time the battery goes flat the MacBook won't recognize it anymore so it won't charge it. (as describe but everyone here)

But if I connect the MagSafe and press Option+Shift+Control+Power for around 10s it will work! MagSafe light goes green then red and battery starts to charge.

I am not sure about the correct sequence so try:

- Press the buttons and connect the MagSafe.

- Connect the MagSafe and Press the buttons .

- Connect the MagSafe, wait a bit and Press the buttons .



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I recently replaced the battery in my MacBook Pro 2011. It charged for a few weeks, but today, it wasn’t charging. I tried your tip with it powered down. I plugged the mag safe, then press the key combinations for 10 secs, and the green light turned red. Thanks for the simple tip!


I have the same problem with Macbookpro 10,2 Retina (13inch) Late 2012.

Bought a A1437 battery from an online retailer. I requested a laptop shop (advertised as a laptop expert) to install as I do not have proper tools and the new battery did not come with any. For 4 days, a few technicians were scratching their heads on why my machine completely shutdown everytime the Magsafe plug was disconnected. They tried swapping with a known good battery, clearing SMC, NVRAM. Finally, I was told that my motherboard is the problem and will cost $$$. I decided that it was not worth throwing good money. So I retrieved my laptop from them. They did not billed me.

I am sure the sequence is as follows

<REPEATING only 1 of Alexandre's steps below>

(Assuming that your macbookpro can still be powered up directly from power adapter.

1. Make sure that your macbookpro is shutdown completely.

2. Connect the Magsafe plug to your macbookpro.

3. Press the button and be very patient. Briefly, the Apple logo is displayed.

(I noticed that the battery status did momentarily showed 100% on logon screen )

4. Login to your account. Magsafe started to display Orange when I login.

5. Battery initially showed 34% charge. I installed free battery meter from http://www.coconut-flavour.com/coconutba... and waited longer. 2 hours later, charge showed 100%. 80% is recommended.

6. I unplug the Magsafe plug and my machine worked fine on battery power.

Coconut battery showed my new battery had cycled 4 times. I think the cycle was caused by the technician.

David - Sydney, Australia


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It worked. The instructions with the battery merely say to discharge to no less than 2 percent and then fully charge. the instructions fail to say that you MUST press the on/off button util the computer closes down (hard stop) and then to charge the battery to 100 percent. As soon as the green light on the magnetic connection came on, I turned on the computer. Since the computer was turned of I was asked whether I wanted to start in Safe Mode. No, start the macbook pro in regular mode. Once started, unplug the magnetic safe plug. You now have complete use of the battery.


I was having this problem too nothing was working so i fixed it by completely shutting down my computer, unplugging it, going back into it and literally just unplugging the battery letting it sit for a couple minuets and plugging it back in, after that the battery is charging and my battery condition is good, i hope this helps people :)

ps sorry for my spelling im dyslexic


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Fixed it a while back by taking the laptop to an Authorized Dealer/Repairer.

Apparently, there are certain things that the Authorized Dealers are doing, like finding out the exact battery model, the cleanest way to switch battery, and most important thing, to calibrate the battery after booting the system. I had no issues afterwards.


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I am guilty of same .. buying apple . their service sucks. but there are a very few , apple tech , OUTSIDE APPLE that really know what they are doing. not easy to find though. I had same problem now with replacing the battery , and no solution yet. worst, I have a very bad experience before with same computer, as the first tech I found was a scum , took my Mcbook pro 17 2009 (still working beautifully) because I installed a new RAM and 750 HD, the computer wouldn't boot after that. so this guy, who had seemingly good reviews in his website, got it to work... only that I loose , lots of apps, the camera and the keyboard back-light. and the original mother board number changed, so my computer is no longer a legal mac.... few days later, over seas I found another technician, who manage to recover lots of docs, from my old disc, and among other things he was able to install Iphoto, wich I really like and is supposedly not available for new software.. any way . end of story, Mac service, genius????? THEY ARE USELESS , not only you have to wait a life time to get listened but they really are not computer pros or Mac pros. is getting unworthy to buy Mac products. as nice as they can look, the more you learn about computer , the more you learn mac sucks . and I still cant reboot my mac after installing new battery , when I turned it on, after fully charge and all. it turns on , I type my password, it comes on, I even open a website , youtube what ever, and the computer goes to sleep, but Nothing I do wakes it up. I have to force shut down. .. you like computers? you work with your laptop. get the best PC you can afford, install LINUX in it. when you learn Linux, every thing else. is garbage


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i have the same problem except that my old battery was recognized and charged by the computer, but when i install the new battery it was not recognized, as someone told us some of these batteries come from china, and posibly have traveled a month or more, so they are depleted. What i did was simple, first check if there was some volts on it, and the result was not even cero volts, so everyone question was how to CHARGE YOUR BATT OUT OF YOUR MAC knowing that the computer wont even charge it. EASY>> throw it some VOLTS inside!!! so what i did was to connect the battery directly to a 6 volts 1200 mhA and leave it there 30 minutes, at the end i test again Volts and now it shows it has 6 volts, i leave it other 30 more minutes, then put it back on the MAC . and VOILA!!! IT WORKS! as soon as i connect the battery the computer turn on automatically, Now it has been recognized so the computer charged it and on my first use it work for 4 hours and has left 30%


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How did you connect the battery directly to power? I replaced MacBook Pro 15" Retina (2013) - works with power but not on battery. The battery connector is a custom motherboard connect, and I've never seen it elsewhere .


Until point 6 everything works exactly the same for me. What happens when you shut down and power on again? Do you not have any other issues?

The new installed battery was promt recognized and my Macbook runs fine till it was fully charged and later than on battery power itself until I shut it down yesterday with 70%... Today I tried to power up and nothing happens. Even with Magsafe plugged in - no beep, no fan - nothing. Just the Magsafe-LED and the battery-indicator show normal behaviour and battery seems charging 7-8 blinking dots.

Tried all the SMC procedure over and over again and nothing. Just removing the battery or unplug the connector from the logicboard finally effect such as a reset. Now it was possible to power on the machine with Magsafe plugged in only, SMC reset and start all over again three times now and get the same issue after that.

So Coconut has revealed that battery condition was good, loadcycles 2, even charge displayed correct and everything looks fine, except for the age. In fact a bit high - manufacture date was 2014-12-16 - thought possibly deeply discharged, but then it would not charge at all...

I start replacing the batteries in two different 15" MBP. The battery model is A1382 for i7 2011 and A1321 for i5 2010 Macbook. I decided to buy some 3rd party replacements on ebay for 30 € each (manufactured by FLOUREON - I had already made good experiences some years before...). Apple's original ones start used at 90 € - no thanks.

It just seems the battery have to be "trained in", but why such mysterious error with the calibration procedure??? Any idea or helpful workaround for that ?


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My macbookpro is still working after point 6. My battery cycle is currently 11.

A few points below may assist.

a. I doubt this is the case but I logon onto my account that has Administrator rights. As I gave it to the repairer, I allowed 'Guest' account access.

Otherwise, I suggest to keep trying. Suggest to watch below.

b. This video https://youtu.be/jRYIMDQxunI has some helpful hints. Try his method if you have not. Btw, I am not the person in the video.

Just ignore unhelpful comments. There is always one in the crowd.

c. I am unsure how to 'rein' in the calibration procedure. But things in electronics (ie capacitors) have memory even it is shutdown. Have to leave it for a few minutes to discharge.

I also have a 1 year old A1398 15" inch Macbookpro retina purchased from Apple. I bought AppleCare for it and if the battery fails within 2 years, I am covered. It has a 'Made in China' badge and the battery is Simplo made. Sounds like FLOUREON battery is a good tip. Thanks.

PS: I think that you are on the right track.

Thanks for your tip David!

I have tried every possible order with batty first or magsafe first like the guy in the video said and even stuff like classic SMC reset, deep SMC reset, SMC while running (helpful fix when one USB stopped working). But always the same, it did not start on battery power by itself. Thought maybe I got a broken one this time…

Then your idea at point C solved it for me! In fact the power management must be related to the RAM memory itself and causes this malfunction. When disassembling the logicboard to dust it free I pulled out the RAM slots and left them overnight discharge. Today everything assembled and it has immediately started without magsafe!

So that tricky situation occurred with my i7 2011 Macbook and A1382 with the gap-plug. But no weird problems at all with the i5 2010 model and A1321. I guess the learn in procedure of new batteries could be related to the different types and models and therefore varies.

Well done!! Thank you too for your above assessment.



I have something of a similar problem but not exactly the same.

I bought a refurbished MacBook Pro early 2011 with i7 16gb and ssd, with a new battery, so the battery charges but it can take 12 hrs or more to charge, magsafe is orange. On discharge it lasts 15 minutes from 100-70 then drops from 70 to 7 in a second, it will then last 5 minutes before shutting down. Battery is 5 months old has good health acording to battery health app. I have tried resetting SMC and calibrating the battery, tried new charger nothing has worked. I must have a faulty battery as I can't find anything about other members account users with the same problems.

Does anyone have an idea of a fix for this problem that is a little different.

Thank you


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I have a MacBook Pro 15” Unibody early 2011. After leaving the device unused and uncharged for 2-3 weeks it booted okay, but failed to detect the magsafe.. the light was off and it failed to charge. So, I found a technique online that has worked on a number of occasions… I don’t know if it’s a good practice, but it does work… at least for me.

  • Disconnect Magsafe
  • Open case and disconnet battery with a spudger or carefully with a fingernail.
  • With laptop facing bottom-up with the cover off, reconnect the Magsafe.
  • Wait patiently, and the computer will (hopefully) boot itself without the need to press any buttons, it can take a minute or two, so be patient.
  • Just after the unit begins to reboot itself, quickly smack in the battery connetor and seat it firmly.
  • Hopefully your magsafe light will come on, pehaps first green for a moment, but then changing to orange.

This method is only known by some people, but not too many. The point is, that after applying magsafe power, the unit will automatically reboot itself, but this can take quite a while (maybe a minute or more), but the bluish/white “on” indicatior light (normally on the front right, but now on the right rear seen from inside) will light briefly, and then go off again. Then it will light up again as the disk and fans starts turning. It’s important to reconnect the battery quickly just after the “on” light comes on the FIRST TIME. MacBook Pro’s of this era will indeed run on magsafe power alone, but the problem is, that the CPU will then only run at 50%. I suppose it’s to prevent the magsafe from overheating, I’m not really sure.

Hopefully this info will help someone who needs it. I think my laptop has some weakness in the circuitrty that needs repairing, but it’s so awkward and expensive getting it done, so I just have to make do without. It could also be a problem with the Magsafe, or the battery itself, though it only has 16 recharges on it.


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