I replaced my Logic board, but the machine will not boot

I replaced my logic board due to a GPU problem with the original. The machine does not boot. I get the chime, and a white lcd. I followed the process to reset the SMC and PRAM. Also when holding down the Cmd- Opt- P -R keys the machine does not reboot. Did I get a bad new board board, or is there some procedure that I need to follow when replacing the logic board that I am not aware of?

when I put my old board back in the machine functions normally, except for the problem I have with my LCD

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White LCD could possibly be a scrambled HD. Boot from your install/repair disk. Run Disk Tools->Disk Utility->Disk First Aid:(click on disk) repair disk then, also repair permissions. If either of these fail or "can't repair" I hope you have a good backup. Wipe the disk and restore the backup... (do any updates that are required).

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No, not the hard drive. I can put my old board back into the machine and it will work just fine. The problem with my old board was it would not drive the LCD but works fine on a external monitor.

If I try to boot from the cd, the cd eats the disk and I have to install the old board to get the cd out of the machine. the eject does not work.

So, someone recommended that with a new board one must remove the battery, Take out the bottom DIMM package, leaving just half the original memory,then do the PRAM reset three times in order to get the new board to work. I've not seen anything like this posted on the web with regard to replacing a MB on a mac. I tried it and it still did not work.

I'd 'contact the vendor for that "replacement" logic board... the CD wont eject behavior points to a problem... and with your white screen that's two reasons to ask for a replacement or refund.

The chime only means POST is happy early on you could be running into a hardware kernel panic/problem before or involving launchd.

My feeling is the board is bad. Vendor says the board was tested good and tells me all about doing a PRAM reset with battery out and 1/2 dimm package. I'm not buying the explanation and asking for a new board



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