Screen Flicker, Water Damage, Keyboard Shorted too


I have already posted a question about this issue, but have worked a little more on the computer now and have another question.

I am working on the water damaged laptop now - with an external keyboard and mouse with no problems! So I guess I need to either replace the keyboard or keep working with this one.

There is a bit of a flicker on the screen, at the moment whilst typing the screen jumps up and down a bit. The computer seems to work a bit slower than before the exciting event involving a glass of water, two and a half year old boy and my macbook pro.

How can I troubleshoot where the damage or problem is?

Should I send my logic board to Professionals, or the whole computer?

Why does the computer keep booting into safe mode?

Should I factory reset the computer? I have all my Data on the replacement computer but would like to get this one running again!

If anyone has any links, suggestions for repair or next steps for me to take, I would be really grateful!

There is no visible corrosion on the logic board and I can't seen any 'pink' water damage things... :-) Hopefully a bit of good news!?

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Only you knows what your budget DIY ability will allow in repairing or replacing the machine. If you've read the Answers under liquid damage/repair you know the entire logic board should be cleaned and thoroughly dried (by removing it - no forced air). That's a very advanced DIY

If you connect to an external display and the image is good your flickering is in the display chain... cable, inverter, LCD. If there is no display the VGU (VGC) is damaged that's a logic board replacement (there's no DIY repair/replace of video components on laptops).

That it's booting now is encouraging, but corrosion can become a problem at any time and destroy your HD. So if you have valuable data, back it up.

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