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How to find an iPod touch without the app

My Ipod has been stolen when i was in school but i haven't downloaded find my iPod on it since i only had it for 1 and a half weeks. i was wondering if there is anyway to find it? if anyone has any ideas please feel free to say. i will try anything.

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my ipod was stolen

my ipod 5 was stolen

i can't find my i pod i have been looking for ages at home and the last place i had it was home

I'm crying because i have lost patience and this is probably going to be my second i pod that i have lost =(wawawwawwa if i find it i will update my comment

please pray that i find it i am desperate please

just like paradiseplaza i have checked my WHOLE house my mom said i might have thrown it away. that makes me more nervese

someone stold mine at FNEC inter school games impossible to find it there was more than 50 schools there..



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The "Find my iPod/iPhone" app is actually what you use when you're tracking down a device. For example, if my iPhone was lost I would use the "Find my iPhone" app on someone's iPhone or through iCloud.com to locate my iPhone.

The actual part that allows you to track down your iPod is built into iOS in the form of a switch in the iCloud settings. This guide walks you through activating it. Take a look at it and if it seems like you had already followed those steps then head to iCloud.com, sign in and go to "find my iPhone" to hopefully locate your device.

Good luck!


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+ Hope for Oliver that this will work...:-)

This response does not help anyone or anybody,but thanks for trying to solve the problome.

I believe that my iPod 5th gen has been stolen from my house. I signed into my icloud account from my laptop but every time I click on find my iPhone/iPod it goes to search/locate it but then says that all devices are offline. I set it up so that I would get an email when it has been located but that has been days ago. Is there anything else I can do or try? I'm desperately looking to find my iPod because it has pictures I cannot replace, like pics of my mom that passed away in 2014. Please help me. :(

it didn't help me because i don't have the app

i lost my iPod 5 i am very sad and it was like the best thing to me



If it was synced and on a iCloud Apple ID, go to iCloud.com and login then go to find my iphone icon. This worked for my lost ipod touch 5 without the app! It also worked for my 3GS, 4 and iPad 3 without the app but synced to iCloud.


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what do you do if t wasn't setup with iCloud? it was setup with iTunes

8i have the same problem as Shelby Dukes

I also lost my iPod. So I had to try many way to recovery my lost data. At last, I found this which can recover data without iPod.



As far as iPod's and iPads go, THE ONLY realistic CHANCE YOU HAVE at ever recovering it is if you keep your "wi-fi" set to ON at all times. If your wi-fi setting is turned OFF and you lose it/no longer have it in your possession, try to begin coping with the fact that 9 out of 10 people who now have found and hold your device in their hands are aware that it's easy to reset these devices and erase the data and POOF they've got a nice free of charge iOS device to enjoy, and they know they can enjoy it without having to worry about a thing. Even if you call Apple and tell them it was stolen or lost, Apple doesn't care whatsoever due to the fact that Apple will gladly attach the new owners name and info to the device simply if that new owner calls up and reads off the serial number and tells Apple it belongs to them now.


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