Uniden TCX905 Troubleshooting Guide

Phone handset will not turn on ¶ 

Phone handset will not ring ¶ 

Numbers/home button are stuck, not working, loose, or broken ¶ 

  • Check to ensure that the phone battery is charged by placing the handset on the phone dock.
  • To clean the main keypad buttons if items cause them to stick or break - See Button Cleaning guide.
  • For problems with the home button, clean or replace the home button - See Home Button Replacement guide.

Screen display is not functioning ¶ 

  • Check to ensure that the battery is charged by placing the handset on the phone dock.
  • If screen problems persist, replace the circuit board - See Circuit Board Replacement guide.

User cannot hear through earpiece speaker ¶ 

  • The volume setting of the phone could be set too low - turn up hearing volume setting on phone.
  • If problems persist, replace the earpiece speaker - See Earpiece Replacement guide.

User's voice not heard by call recipient ¶ 

Faulty circuit board ¶ 


Good troubleshooting guide for a fabulous phone (IMHO, the best ever made).

One nitpick: On page

Uniden TCX905 Repair

It lists the troubleshooting guide as being for the “TCX95”. It would be great if someone could correct that.

David Greene - 回复


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