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Turtle Beach PX22 Troubleshooting

The PX22 is a headset designed to provide the user with sound from games, music or movies as well as allow them to communicate through various chat programs. The headset was released by Turtle Beach in September of 2013.

You're using your headset to communicate with a friend while playing a game, but they cannot hear you.

The microphone attached to your headset must be rotated in front of your mouth approximately 2-3 inches for best capturing of your voice.

Double check all of the wires are connected properly. More specifically the USB cable, and the cable leading to the inline amplifier.

If the microphone doesn't work, it could be a connection with the inline amplifier. The microphone switch on the inline amplifier needs to be in the on position the switch should line up with mic icon. If a red LED light appears that means the mic is muted and if purple then its in phone call mode. To check to make sure your mic is working you can turn up the mic monitor dial so you can hear yourself talk.

If these troubleshoots don't work, you may need to replace the microphone with our microphone replacement guide.

Sound is only playing out of one side of the headphones.

Double check all of the wires are connected properly. These include the white and red RCA cables, the USB cable, and the cable leading to the inline amplifier.

If the audio only plays out of only one side, it could be an issue with the inline amplifier.If a purple light appears on your inline amplifier then its in phone call mode and will alter your audio. More often than not, the settings on the amplifier need to be adjusted.

You could have a faulty or damaged speaker if troubleshooting doesn't work. Our Speaker Replacement guide can help you fix it.

I connected my headset to my computer and it got very hot, as well as the inline amplifier.

If your computer is being overworked, by the amount of devices plugged into its USB ports, then it may cause your headset to overheat. Try unplugging all devices plugged into the USB ports on your computer and only plugging in the PX22 headset.

If there is a suspected malfunction in the connection between the headset and the computer, you should try plugging your headset into another computer to test if it functions properly there and does not overheat.

If this doesn't solve the problem then you may have a broken USB. Check for damage along the cable and around the USB. You can look for a computer-specific USB repair guide here on iFixit to help you repair or replace a faulty USB port.

After one headset is set up and functional, how can you hook up another device and have them both functional, so you can simultaneously listen and communicate with all headsets.

Multiple headsets can be used on one console, but only as headphones. The chat option is only applicable for one headset at a time. The PX22 is installed to your TV using RCA cables, one white and one red. Both wires have ends with both male and female plugs. You can plug one set of wires into the other set, keeping them color coordinated. Both headsets will then receive game audio.

How to set up the PX22 headset to use on Skype or other computer programs.

The 3.5 mm plug from the headset should be plugged into the in-line amplifier’s jack. The amplifier’s plug should then be connected to the headphone jack of the computer. The USB from the amplifier should be connected to a USB port in the computer. Continue to either Windows 7 or Mac if applicable.

After following the steps to connect the device to the computer, go to the Start menu and select the Control Panel. In the Control Panel select Sounds and make sure that you’re in the playback tab. Make the headset the default playback by right-clicking Turtle Beach PX22 headset and selecting Set as Default Device. Next go to the Recording tab, right-click on Turtle Beach PX22 microphone and choose Set as Default Device.

After connecting the device to the computer in the above steps, go to the Apple menu. In the Apple menu go to System Preferences and then Sounds. In Output select Turtle Beach PX22 as the default speakers. In the Input tab select Turtle Beach PX22 again as the default microphone.

If these don't fix the problem, refer to our other troubleshooting guides. You may need to refer to the Ear Cushion, Speaker or Microphone replacement guides if the problem persists.


i can hear people but for some reason they cant hear me if you know how to fix this on the PX22 Please msg me if you have kik = TheRealAusNick

Nick Symes - 回复

I have an issue not listed here. My master volume is being controlled by the chat volume knob instead of the volume knob. Ideas?

Josh Barnes - 回复

Yeah, I'm having that problem too!

Jason French -

I have the same problem. Any solution already?

patriciasengl -


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