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Smart Parts Ion Troubleshooting

Ion Will Not Power On ¶ 

When I press the power button, the red light does not flash.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the Ion's red power light does not come on, you need to replace the battery. Remove both screws on one side of the hand grip. Check to make sure the battery is properly attached to the connector. Try turning on the Ion. If the Ion does not turn on, replace the battery using this guide for Smart Parts Ion Battery Replacement.

Paintballs Break Inside the Ion ¶ 

My gun is breaking paintballs inside the fire chamber.

Low Battery ¶ 

Sometimes there is not enough power to eject the paintballs from the gun. Check your battery power. If it needs replacing, check out this guide for Smart Parts Ion Battery Replacement.

Ion's Eyes are Turned Off ¶ 

Turn the gun to vision mode by pressing the power button. If vision mode is turned off, the power button will blink slowly in a double blink sequence. If vision mode is on, the power button will blink slowly in a single blink sequence.

Ion's Eye Board Wiring Is Damaged ¶ 

Improper installation of the vision eye board might damage the eye board wiring. Make sure the wires from the solenoid circuit board are properly connected at both ends at the vision eye board. To replace the eyes, see this guide for Smart Parts Ion Eyes Replacement.

Ion Is Not Shooting ¶ 

When I pull the trigger, no paintballs shoot out.

No Air ¶ 

Check to see if the air tank has low air pressure and make sure the air tank is screwed tightly into the gun.

No Paintballs ¶ 

Make sure your hopper is loaded with the correct size paintballs and that they are falling through the Ion's feed tube.

Ion's Eyes Not Detecting Paintballs ¶ 

When a paintball breaks inside the firing chamber, the eyes become covered in paint and do not detect the paintballs. Clean the eyes and the slot they sit in, re-install, and try shooting. If the eyes still fail to detect paintballs, then the eyes and/or the eye board wiring harness is damaged and must be replaced. For help locating and replacing the eyes, see this guide Smart Parts Ion Eyes Replacement.

Trigger Is Not Properly Adjusted ¶ 

Sometimes the screw located on the back of the trigger does not activate the firing switch when the trigger is pulled. Use a .05" Allen wrench to turn the screw inward and the trigger will respond better.

Ion Is Leaking Air ¶ 

My air tank is attached, but I hear a leak.

WARNING: Remove the air tank before disassembling the gun. This could possibly cause damage to the gun and injury to yourself.

Internal Leak ¶ 

Make sure the air tank is screwed into the Ion tightly. If the gun is still leaking, make sure the pneumatic banjo fittings in Step 13 of Smart Parts Ion Bolt Replacement are screwed in tightly. If you are still experiencing problems, the solenoid armature is either damaged or over pressurized. Turn down the air pressure or replace the solenoid armature.

External Leak ¶ 

The macro line air fittings are leaking air. Degas the Ion and push the macro line hose all the way into the fitting, making sure it seals.




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