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Samsung Galaxy R Troubleshooting

An android touchscreen smartphone manufactured in 2011 by Samsung.

Phone screen is blank and will not respond to power button being pressed.

Make sure the phone battery is charged by plugging in the phone charger. Then try turning the phone on again.

If the battery is charged and the phone still won't turn on, try cleaning the battery of dust with a soft cloth. If problems persist, try replacing the battery.

See our guide on replacing the battery: Samsung Galaxy R Battery Replacement

The screen is not responding to touch.

Try cleaning the screen of dust and residue using a soft cloth. Avoid using liquid cleaners due to risk of damage to the phone.

Some screen covers or cases can interfere with the phone's touch reception. Try removing the screen cover or case and seeing if the touch screen becomes responsive.

See our guide on rear case replacement: Samsung Galaxy R Rear Case Replacement

Sound from the phone is not normal.

Clean the speakers on the front and back of the phone with aerosol and a Q-tip.

Replace the speaker.

See our guide on replacing the speaker: Samsung Galaxy R Speaker Assembly Replacement

See also our guide on replacing the headphone jack: Samsung Galaxy R Headphone Jack Replacement

Unable to receive texts or save photos.

Go to "settings" and find where the storage details are listed. If your storage used is equal to the total storage or if free storage is equal to 0, then that means that you have used up all of the storage capacity of your memory card. You should delete unwanted content from your phone or get a new memory card.

Replace memory card.

If the software is frozen (not responding), try restarting the phone.

If restarting the phone does not relieve the issue, replace the camera.

See our guide on replacing the front camera: Samsung Galaxy R Front Facing Camera Replacement

See our guide on replacing the back camera: Samsung Galaxy R Rear Facing Camera Replacement

If the camera still does not work, consider replacing the motherboard.

See our guide on replacing the motherboard: Samsung Galaxy R Motherboard Replacement



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