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NABI XD Troubleshooting

A tablet developed by Fuhu, inc. Released in January, 2013.

No matter what the device will not turn on.

First try plugging your charger into the NABI XD, it could simply be that the battery needs to charge. If the charging light is green do not turn the device off while your charger is connected, it could be that the charger is defective (refer to Defective Charger). If the light turns on, first green then red, it means your device is charging now, let it charge for a least 4 hours.

If the device is plugged in to the charger and the charging light does not turn on either green or red, it could be that your charger adapter, or the cable is damaged or defective. First, try a different outlet, if the device still does not charge try plugging the USB into your computer, if it starts charging, that means your adapter is defective. Next, if the light still does not come up, that means your adapter and cable are defective, thus you need a new charger. Do not use a generic charger since it might damage your device. Refer to the next link to get a charger directly from NABI's web store. NABI Web Store

If the battery appears to be cracked or broken use NABI XD Battery Replacement to replace it.

Check to see if the charging port has been bent out of shape, if it is use NABI XD Charging port Replacement to replace the port.

NABI XD does not have enough space available to save files.

Try a different SD memory card the NABI XD is only compatible with a card up to 32GB.

Software problems are when by your device suddenly crashes or freezes while running an application. If it takes you back to the main menu or out of your application your device just crashed. This could be due to a outdated operating system, requiring you to update the NABI XD. (Refer to the Device Does Not Have The Most Recent Update)

If you are going to update your NABI XD, make sure you have at least 45% battery life on the device. Complete the following the steps: in your device go to "All apps" -> Settings -> scroll to, About Tablet -> tap on, Update -> next tap, Check Update -> Check that your tablet is running the latest Product Version -> tap, Download -> confirm download and press OK -> Finally, wait a few minutes while the NABI XD is updating you will see a android robot, do not disconnect or interrupt the update.

To reset your NABI XD to factory settings take the following steps. Turn off your NABI XD -> Press the Volume Up (+) button first, then press the Power button and hold them both until the system menu appears on the upper left corner of the screen, also NABI's logo mark will appear in the middle of the screen -> Next, use the volume down (-) button to highlight "Recovery Kernel", then press the Volume Up (+) button to select it -> From the Android screen, press the Volume down (-) then the Volume Up (+) button -> Then, use the Volume down (-) button to highlight "Wipe Data Factory Reset", then press the Power button to select it, use the volume down (-) to highlight "Yes, Delete All User Data", then use the Power button to select it -> When the Data Wipe is completed, "Reboot System Now" should be highlighted, press the Power button to reboot the NABI XD -> It will take around five minutes to reboot the NABI XD. Once the initialization is complete, you will see the welcome screen. Finally, follow the steps to sign in to your NABI account, or sign up to create a new account. For visual keys to perform the Factory Reset click on the following link. NABI XD Factory Reset

If the battery indicator does not come up on your screen when you plug in your charger, your NABI XD is not charging. Make sure you use the a NABI certified charger, since different chargers might damage your NABI XD. Try the following steps to successfully charge your Nabi XD

Try changing the outlet being used. If the charging indicator still does not come on the screen, use only the USB cable and plug it to a computer.

If the NABI XD still does not charge, It is probable that your charger is defective. Refer to the next link to get a NABI certified charger, NABI Charger.

The screen freezes, crashes at random moments or is broken.

Update Navi XD to latest software version, refer to "Device Does Not Have The Most Recent Update" on this page.

If you cannot reach the update, perform a Factory Reset. (Refer to "Factory Reset")

This problem is arises when the NABI XD is not running the latest software. Make sure the device is running the latest software.

If you cannot update the Nabi XD, preform a Factory Reset on the device.

If the screen is broken follow this guide to replace it NABI XD Screen Replacement

While searching for WiFi your device cannot connect with any network.

Open browser and make sure to follow the web browser instructions, there could be a password requirement.

Refresh your network connection by turning the WiFi off waiting ten seconds and turning it back on.


I have tried several times to manually update software and it keeps saying it is up to date although i know there has been an update since purchase. The software is at 1.0 and there is a 1.5 update but it does not want to update. How do I get the tablet to update software? I have tried doing a factory reset and it still does not work. Please help.

Thank You,

Isabel E.

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