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Linsay Model F-7HD2CORE Troubleshooting

Linsay Tablet Model Number F-7HD2CORE

No matter what you do, you can't get your tablet to turn on.

If your tablet won't turn on, plug the tablet and charger into a power source. If battery will not charge, purchase new battery. The guide to replace your battery can be found here.

It is possible that it appears nothing is happening because the backlight is broken. If this is the issue, the backlight must be replaced.

Sound will not play or will not play well from the tablet speaker.

It is possible that the volume controls are turned low or off, use the volume button to adjust speaker volume.

If sound will not play from the tablet speaker, the problem could be fixed by replacing the speaker.

The screen of the tablet is shattered or cracked.

If your tablet screen is cracked or shattered, replacing the glass screen would fix the problem. The guide to replace your screen can be found here.


this is a new tablet it was purchase around 3 mouth ago it will not charge

JOSE - 回复

Bought 3 of these last week and 2 of them don't work. I am not going to pay more money to have someone look at it. Pretty sad that they won't work after 1 week

grannybev_1 - 回复

I bought a Lindsay F-10XHD tablet for my grandson and since we have had it the screen comes on after trying it numerous times. Sometimes won't even come on. Then the volume u can barely hear. Very aggravated with this product!!

Wanda Huff - 回复

My Lindsay turns on but it won't still click on to main screen. I tried to reset as instructed that doesn't work.

Jeu-Wan W'Ray Chatman - 回复



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