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Lenovo Yoga 2 13" Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Problems for Lenovo Yoga 2 13"

The Screen has damage/problems.

If the screen is cracked, follow this guide to remove and replace the screen.

Try restarting your device and ensure that all software is up to date. If this issue occurred after recent updates, try uninstalling the new software and see if the problem is fixed.

Problems Associated with Keyboard

If the keys can't be pressed or remain down after being pressed, something may be trapped below the key, holding it in place. Follow this guide for key removal, and then clean/replace the key.

If keys do not respond, the keyboard may be disconnected or broken. Replacement is advised.

Despite being plugged in, the battery will not charge.

Confirm that the power adapter is plugged in and the light is on. If the light remains off while the adapter is plugged in, consider a replacement. If the light is on, move onto Faulty Battery Section.

Confirm the power adapter is working. If problem persists, make sure that the adapter is connected to the laptop. If the computer only powers up when plugged in to the adapter, the battery is faulty. Consider replacement.

Problems with hard drive

Too much stored information on the hard-drive can cause errors and slow down the computer. Back up important files and then erase the information. Cleaning your computer is also advised for removing unnecessary programs. If problem persists, replace hard-drive with a larger storage capacity.

To replace hard-drive, remove the back panel. Locate and remove the hard-drive and replace with larger model.

Before replacing the HDD, make sure that you have created restoration discs, otherwise you will lose all your old files when replacing the hard-drive. Carefully remove the hard-drive by unscrewing it and lifting straight up and unplugging the adapter. Replace the old HDD with the SSD, and return all parts to their original places.

Computer and fan heating up too quickly/too hot to touch

If the fan is overheating, shut down all applications and give the computer time to cool down. If possible, access the fan and clean it, as dust may cause the laptop to overheat. If problem persists, consider replacing the fan.

If the fan is making more noise than usual, access the fan by removing the back panel. Something may be stuck in the fan. Remove the blockage if it exists. If problem persists, consider replacing the fan.

Problems with Touchpad or Mouse

Carefully remove the touchpad to see if there is any obstruction or dirt preventing clicker response.

Confirm that the touchpad is disabled. If the touchpad is enabled and the problem persists, go through the back panel of the laptop to gain access to the touchpad and confirm there is no debris/obstruction. Otherwise, consider replacement.


system doesn't start, replaced charger, system  found dead

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