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When you turn on your device, colored lines appear on the screen and will not go away.

The ribbon cable connecting the LCD screen assembly to the motherboard may be faulty. Fix this using the LCD screen assembly replacement guide.

The screen assembly itself may be broken. Fix this using the LCD screen assembly replacement guide.

When you press one or more keys they do not respond.

The keys might not work due to being broken or missing. This requires replacing the entire keyboard. Follow this guide for keyboard replacement.

The keyboard may be dirty. Clean with keyboard cleaner or remove keyboard for cleaning using this guide.

If there is nothing wrong with the keyboard, it might be a problem with the keypad membrane. To replace this, use this the keypad membrane replacement guide.

When you insert a memory card into the memory card slot, it does not register.

The card you are trying to insert might be corrupted or otherwise broken. Insert a different memory card. If this new card works, the card you were trying to use is faulty.

The card slot may be blocked by particulate matter. Use some keyboard cleaner to spray out the slot to ensure cleanliness.

The card slot assembly may be broken. Since this is an assembly, the entire part will need to be replaced. To do this, use this guide.

When the trackpad of your device does not respond.

There may be particles or other debris underneath the trackpad, causing its movements to not register. Follow this guide to get underneath the trackpad and clean the mounting with an eyeglass cloth.

If your trackpad ceases to function, you may need to replace it. Follow this guide.



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