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Clippers won’t turn on no matter what or they work intermittently.

Make sure the power switch is completely rotated to the on position and that the switch is not too loose. Make sure that the power cord is securely plugged into an electrical outlet (with appropriate voltage), if the clippers fail to operate.

It is possible that the motor will not move because it is just jammed or needs cleaning and lubrication. The motor may also require replacement if this does not solve the problem.

Examine the cord, including the plug, for signs of wear. If it is frayed and then be sure to replace the cord. Do not store the hair clipper with the power cord wrapped around the casing as this can damage the cord.

Clippers do not cut hair close or snags hair in stead of cutting it.

Clippers are leaving gaps of differing hair lengths when they pass over the scalp. It is possible that your guards or blades may be missing some parts. Carefully inspect your guards or blades to see if they are missing any teeth. Another cause for these cut gaps could be interference from foreign objects. Your blades may not be adjusted properly or you may have dull or rusted blades. If so, replace the missing or defective parts.

Clippers are vibrating more than usual and are very loud.

Missing parts such as screws or a cracked casing can be the cause of your clippers malfunction.

The clippers may be improperly adjusted due to normal wear and tear or from being dropped enough times.

Clippers may be running slower than usual and taking several passes to cut hair.

Inspect the cords connections to see if there are internal wiring issues that could limit clipper power, such as arcing or a wire break.

Inspect the switch mechanism for signs of pitting and arching. If it's not clean and doesn't make contact then the correct amount of current will not flow to the motor.

The motor may be beyond repair and need to be replaced. Hopefully this is not the case because the Andis clippers usually don't have a significant manufacturer's warranty and the price of the motor is fairly hefty.


Hello, I have an andis envy adjustable blade clipper. I have used it only a few times(maybe five). The last time I tried to use it, it buzzed very loud and the blades were not moving to cut. Not sure what to do. Help please!

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They are probably stuck from not being used

Carlos-mega Robles -

Red wire came out the coil

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How do I fix it

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I dropped a pair of Styliner ii trimmers from countertop height and the motor stopped vibrating effectively, it only drew the armature to the field assembly, never repelling it to create the oscillations. It still vibrated but it was more quivering and chattering if I pulled the armature away. Something broke in the frequency or I'm not sure what exactly. I'll be ordering a replacement field assembly and see how things go and report back here. Not sure what could have failed in the unit that would cause the field to set one polarity.

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