按照本指南来跟换您的Xbox One 的主板。

注意:将散热器与CPU分离会将损坏上面的原有导热化合物质(散热硅脂)。 您需要将其清理干净,并更换其。 请参阅这个指南

  1. 要打开您的Xbox one 您必须剪开或剥下这个防拆机贴纸。 这会使您的保修失效! 拆的开心!
    • 要打开您的Xbox one 您必须剪开或剥下这个防拆机贴纸。 这会使您的保修失效! 拆的开心!

    In the United States the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 is a Federal Law that states that stickers and clauses are illegal. It says you can open your electronics without voiding the warranty, regardless of what language of that warranty says.

    Dustin D'Amour - 回复

    Stickers are illegal!?

    Brandon -

    For anyone concerned, if you apply heat with a blow dryer or heat gun you can carefully remove the sticker without damaging it, making it impossible to know that the sticker was ever removed.

    Kelton Stewart - 回复

    All the immature comments aside, thank you Dustin for sharing the information.

    Wade - 回复

    xbox를 열기 위해서 이러한 위조방지 테이프를 자르거나 떼어내야 합니다. 하지만 걱정 마세요. 여러분이 무언가 직접적으로 망가트리지 않는한 ms는 보증을 취소하지 않습니다.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

  2. 使用塑料撬棒撬起USB端口周围的塑料散热口。 散热口是十分有弹性的,使用塑料夹固定,然后将其剥离。
    • 使用塑料撬棒撬起USB端口周围的塑料散热口。

    • 散热口是十分有弹性的,使用塑料夹固定,然后将其剥离。

    - 플라스틱 오프닝 도구를 애용해서 측면 usb 포트를 둘러싼 통풍구를 들어올려 분리하세요.

    - 이 통풍구는 무척 유연하며 연약한 플라스틱 클립으로 고정되어 있습니다. 뒤쪽에서부터 들어올려 분리하고 떼어냅니다.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

  3. 在Xbox前角处有一个加强了前角的小塑料卡扣。 将卡扣向后滑动并将其取出。
    • 在Xbox前角处有一个加强了前角的小塑料卡扣。

    • 将卡扣向后滑动并将其取出。

    Do u sell that plastic tag I need it

    Brandon - 回复

    Here is What's Stated in Step-3 : (There is a small plastic tab that reinforces the front corner of the Xbox.) Actually, the "Tab" is NOT SMALL at all. See the Picture: The "TAB" is the Piece that this Person has their Thumb on, is the Tab that you NEED TO SLIDE TOWARDS THE "REAR" of the Unit. You will be able to tell How this Large Tab Holds the Top and the Bottom Case Covers together. Take Note how to Replace this tab back where it Belongs, when you are putting the Case Covers back together. Hope that this comment will help you. 6-29-2017

    B.L. Spence - 回复

    - xbox의 전면 모서리를 지지하는 작은 플라스틱 탭이 있습니다.

    - 뒤쪽으로 똑바로 밀어서 제거하세요.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

    What is this small tab referred to as?

    What is it called i need to order one.

    James Lipsey - 回复

  4. 在机壳后方侧面通风口处上下接缝中插入撬棒的扁平端。 卡扣的力量非常大(通常第一个就是这样),需要您使用一点力气。
    • 在机壳后方侧面通风口处上下接缝中插入撬棒的扁平端。

    • 卡扣的力量非常大(通常第一个就是这样),需要您使用一点力气。

    • 将撬棒留在原位直至您完全打开,机壳是十分有弹性的,避免一会自己自动卡回去。

    prying does not work. my spudger is causing damage. my soft. plastic. spudger. and the %#*@ thing does not move. this is a common issue with the instructions on this site. you write instructions like you assume people have extensive repair experience. describe the plastic tab. add detail. because simply prying WILL damage the case. hire a %#*@ writer. cause you guys do not know how to precisely convey important detail. constant problem with tech companies actually. no writers.

    Kevin Michaels - 回复

    - 벗겨낸 통풍구쪽부터 상판과 하판 사이의 틈으로 spudger의 평평한 끝을 밀어넣습니다.

    - 플라스틱 클립들이 꽤 강하기 때문에 생각보다 강한 힘을 사용해야 합니다.

    - 케이스를 완전히 열 때까지 spudger를 계속 끼워두세요. 클립이 강해서 작업도중 다시 닫힐 수도 있습니다.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

    it would be very very nice that the part, that you sell, will Fix. This an ols Tutorial. The new opening tools that you sell, will not help anything, cause there is no flat sign on the side. you link these tools at this tutorial, but never tested, if the new tools work. so i tell this you, no they dont fit. Thanks for nothing.

    Zeroslammer - 回复

    I ve made it this far with only a Lego membership card and a flimsier amusement park card (I'm a big year old)

    Shadow Killz - 回复

    I had to use a 1/32nd flathead screw driver. In the corner to get it started push the top joint of the case down and up will simultaneously pulling up and down to seperate the seam. You will need a 3rd hand to insert the 1/32nd flathead and pry up to get the case started.

    I had a virgin never opened xbox day one og so that might be why I had to do it this way.

    KSI AZZAZLE - 回复

  5. 在Xbox 剩下的几个侧面中仍被几个卡扣固定。 在后散热口的上下壳连接处插入撬棒,分离卡扣。
    • 在Xbox 剩下的几个侧面中仍被几个卡扣固定。

    • 在后散热口的上下壳连接处插入撬棒,分离卡扣。

    - 상판과 하판 사이에 끼인 후면 단자판은 여러개의 클립으로 고정되어 있습니다.

    - 플라스틱 오프닝 도구로 후면 통풍구의 클립들을 분리하세요.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

  6. 继续向后部移动,撬起卡扣。 确保撬棒撬起位置的正确。 一些位置是被撬棒撬起但撬棒一拿走就会自行合上,所以保持撬棒已经撬起地方的开口不要自行合上,别让努力白费。
    • 继续向后部移动,撬起卡扣。

    • 确保撬棒撬起位置的正确。 一些位置是被撬棒撬起但撬棒一拿走就会自行合上,所以保持撬棒已经撬起地方的开口不要自行合上,别让努力白费。

    - 후면을 따라서 계속 클립을 들어서 분리하세요.

    - spudger가 제대로 꽂혀 있는지 중간중간 확인하세요. spudger가 빠질정도로 케이스가 분리 되더라도 남은 클립들이 매우 탄력적이라서 방심하면 도로 닫히기 십상입니다. 원활한 진행을 위해 spudger가 잘 꽂혀서 사이를 벌리도록 유지하세요.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

  7. 继续撬,滑动着撬着样效率更高。 当您到达后壳边缘处时,顶壳应该可以脱落了。 如果没有,使用撬棒来环绕一圈检查,除了USB端口的位置。
    • 继续撬,滑动着撬着样效率更高。

    • 当您到达后壳边缘处时,顶壳应该可以脱落了。 如果没有,使用撬棒来环绕一圈检查,除了USB端口的位置。

    - 클립들을 계속해서 분리합니다. 클립들을 가로질러 플라스틱 오프닝 도구를 주욱 미는 것이 도움이 될수도 있습니다.

    - 후방 케이스를 따라 분리하면 상판이 열릴 기미가 보여야 합니다. 만약 열릴 기미가 보이지 않는다면 모서리부터 플라스틱 오프닝 도구로 분리를 시작하고 usb포트가 없는 쪽을 따라서 클립 분리를 다시 시도하세요.

    승대/SeungDae 정/Jeong - 回复

  8. 从刚才您放下第一个撬棒的位置开始,尝试撬起剩下几个卡扣。 使用撬棒来打来还没有释放的卡扣。 切勿现在就抬起上壳,它仍通过前面板与电源线缆相连接。
    • 从刚才您放下第一个撬棒的位置开始,尝试撬起剩下几个卡扣。

    • 使用撬棒来打来还没有释放的卡扣。

    • 切勿现在就抬起上壳,它仍通过前面板与电源线缆相连接。

    • 轻轻抬起上壳,来进入前面板。

    I got confused here. I couldn’t unclip the front panel at all. I found out that if I open the case like a clamshell (or a book, with the front being the spine of the book) I popped right off easily.

    Omar Ramos - 回复

  9. 前按钮电缆有着一个独特的ZIF连接器,请注意按照以下步骤断开连接。 使用镊子将塑料保持环从连接电路板上提起。 使用尖嘴端将连接器的锁定片推向电缆以解锁。
    • 前按钮电缆有着一个独特的ZIF连接器,请注意按照以下步骤断开连接。

    • 使用镊子将塑料保持环从连接电路板上提起。

    • 使用尖嘴端将连接器的锁定片推向电缆以解锁。

    I recently took my Xbox one apart to clean it and for some reason it's on for a couple minutes then it cuts off

    Ali - 回复

    Or anyone else who has this problem or reads this on this thread, which is not the correct thread for this question by the way, here is a link to the forum for that. It could be any of a number of issues including overheating, Portland elation, or infestation, among others.

    Xbox One turns on then turns off after a few minutes

    Rooster Blue - 回复

    Is there somewhere that I can buy a replacement zif connector

    Black Light - 回复

  10. 使用镊子将线缆从电路板上的连接器中拔出。 移除上面板
    • 使用镊子将线缆从电路板上的连接器中拔出。

    • 移除上面板

    I broke that peice that white connector peice what can I do?

    devinthomason - 回复

  11. 接下来的四步指导您如何组装,如果还要进行拆解请跳过。 使用撬棒扁平的一段来松开前面板的卡扣。 从顶壳上卸下前面板。
    • 接下来的四步指导您如何组装,如果还要进行拆解请跳过。

    • 使用撬棒扁平的一段来松开前面板的卡扣。

    • 从顶壳上卸下前面板。

  12. 重新放置顶壳。 对其卡扣,按压紧实,确保卡扣已经卡到位。 对其卡扣,按压紧实,确保卡扣已经卡到位。
    • 重新放置顶壳。

    • 对其卡扣,按压紧实,确保卡扣已经卡到位。

  13. 在Xbox前段支撑着前面板。 使用使用镊子将电缆重新安装。 使用撬棒扁平的一端来将ZIF锁向左推来锁定线缆。
    • 在Xbox前段支撑着前面板。

    • 使用使用镊子将电缆重新安装。

    • 使用撬棒扁平的一端来将ZIF锁向左推来锁定线缆。

    My Xbox stopped working after this thanks

    nathan jackson - 回复

    Mine did as well, its possible it may be the same reason. For me I had to unplug and plug it back in a few times and then clean off the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. Seems simple but if you haven’t already, I would try it.

    Alex Pascone -

  14. 将机器下边缘塑料卡扣与前面板相互锁紧。 45度将前面板卡扣与机器上的卡扣卡紧。 将前面板推向Xbox,就像关邮箱一样。 使劲按压,确保卡扣已经全部上紧。
    • 将机器下边缘塑料卡扣与前面板相互锁紧。

    • 45度将前面板卡扣与机器上的卡扣卡紧。

    • 将前面板推向Xbox,就像关邮箱一样。 使劲按压,确保卡扣已经全部上紧。

  15. 小心的将扬声器线缆从前面板上分离开来。 小心地拉起线缆的连接器连接器,而不是取下板子上的连接器。 这样您有可能完全将他们从电路板上弄脱落。 使用撬棒扁平的一端将前面板的天线链接电缆断开。
    • 小心的将扬声器线缆从前面板上分离开来。

    • 小心地拉起线缆的连接器连接器,而不是取下板子上的连接器。 这样您有可能完全将他们从电路板上弄脱落。

    • 使用撬棒扁平的一端将前面板的天线链接电缆断开。

    If this connector is broken off, will that prevent the control panel to not work at all and NOT turn on? Is there a fix or work around IF this connector is broken off?

    Michael Eh - 回复

  16. 将固定WiFi模块的两颗9.5 mm T9 Torx螺丝移除。 垂直将WiFi模块从金属壳顶部的插座中提起。 将WiFi天线模块放置一边。使得下方的标有C3的螺丝暴露出来。
    • 将固定WiFi模块的两颗9.5 mm T9 Torx螺丝移除。

    • 垂直将WiFi模块从金属壳顶部的插座中提起。

    • 将WiFi天线模块放置一边。使得下方的标有C3的螺丝暴露出来。

    When reassembling- put the outer ones on first to secure the port to the metal. Then putting the wi-fi board into the port will be easy

    Nate Ennis - 回复

    Will a cracked WiFi Board affect network connectivity?

    Kyle Webb - 回复

  17. 从顶部金属壳上移除8颗65 mm Torx T10螺丝。
    • 从顶部金属壳上移除8颗65 mm Torx T10螺丝。

    Two of the 8 were stripped even before attempting to remove….ugggh

    Michael Massaro - 回复

  18. 抬起,而不是移除顶部金属壳。 WiFi模块还仍然与主板相连。
    • 抬起,而不是移除顶部金属壳。

    • WiFi模块还仍然与主板相连。

    If I need if Fix-It board

    Ramontoby13 Toby - 回复

  19. 在主板上切断WiFi模块与主板的连接。 移除顶部金属壳。
    • 在主板上切断WiFi模块与主板的连接。

    • 移除顶部金属壳。

    This connector may be exceptionally difficult to remove, and it is not strictly necessary for the replacement of the hard drive if you are careful.

    Rowan - 回复

  20. 在主板上移除SATA电源以及数据线缆。 在主板上移除SATA电源以及数据线缆。 在主板上移除SATA电源以及数据线缆。
    • 在主板上移除SATA电源以及数据线缆。

    I found that it is not necessary to take out the hard drive in order to remove the front panel module. If you can lift the whole metal enclosure a little to get to the right most torx screw, then you do not need to move the hard drive.

    Taiji Saotome - 回复

    Thanks for letting us know about when the open day is going to be. Will make sure get my work completed by rushmyessay before the day so I can attend it in peace.

    shuaib ahmd - 回复

  21. 从Xbox里抬起硬盘托架,将其移除。
    • 从Xbox里抬起硬盘托架,将其移除。

  22. 在主板上移除光驱电源,SATA 线缆 在主板上移除光驱电源,SATA 线缆 在主板上移除光驱电源,SATA 线缆
    • 在主板上移除光驱电源,SATA 线缆

    I their a way to replace the motherboard pins the piece that connects to the hard drive, part on the motherboard that connects to HD

    Frosted Flakes - 回复

  23. 从Xbox中移除光驱。
    • 从Xbox中移除光驱。

  24. 将主板从底壳中提出。
    • 将主板从底壳中提出。

  25. 移除前面板上的三颗9.5mm T9 Torx 螺丝。
    • 移除前面板上的三颗9.5mm T9 Torx 螺丝。

  26. 将其从主板上的插座中移除。
    • 将其从主板上的插座中移除。

  27. 两个黑色塑料螺丝支架,通过卡扣卡在框架上。 捏住两个卡扣,将卡扣移出框架,来移除螺丝支架。 捏住两个卡扣,将卡扣移出框架,来移除螺丝支架。
    • 两个黑色塑料螺丝支架,通过卡扣卡在框架上。

    • 捏住两个卡扣,将卡扣移出框架,来移除螺丝支架。

  28. 移除固定白色塑料螺丝支架到金属框上的8.3mm T9 Torx 螺丝 从框架上移除白色螺丝支架。
    • 移除固定白色塑料螺丝支架到金属框上的8.3mm T9 Torx 螺丝

    • 从框架上移除白色螺丝支架。

  29. 将金属框架翻转,让风扇支撑着元件。
    • 将金属框架翻转,让风扇支撑着元件。

    • 移除底壳上的螺丝。

    • 4颗11.2mm T10 Torx 螺丝

    • 4颗 9.5mm T9 Torx 螺丝

  30. 2个小的塑料插销插在金属底壳中。一个位于USB口下面,另一个位于AC端口下面。 这些插销卡在金属外壳上,导致很难卸下主板。 在金属底壳上推两个插销。 在金属底壳上推两个插销。
    • 2个小的塑料插销插在金属底壳中。一个位于USB口下面,另一个位于AC端口下面。 这些插销卡在金属外壳上,导致很难卸下主板。

    • 在金属底壳上推两个插销。

  31. 从金属底壳中抬起主板以及散热器/风扇模块
    • 从金属底壳中抬起主板以及散热器/风扇模块

  32. 在主板上移除风扇线缆的连接。 在主板上移除风扇线缆的连接。
    • 在主板上移除风扇线缆的连接。

  33. 在X固定夹具的一个角上插入一个小的平头螺丝刀。 轻轻地提起螺丝刀,将X夹具的一个金属臂提起。
    • 在X固定夹具的一个角上插入一个小的平头螺丝刀。

    • 轻轻地提起螺丝刀,将X夹具的一个金属臂提起。

  34. 使用相同的方法来将剩下的金属臂提起。 移除X金属夹具。
    • 使用相同的方法来将剩下的金属臂提起。

    • 移除X金属夹具。

  35. 将主板与风扇/散热器分离。 当您重新组装您的Xbox时请按照我们的如何涂抹散热膏指南来为CPU 重新涂抹散热膏。
    • 将主板与风扇/散热器分离。

    • 当您重新组装您的Xbox时请按照我们的如何涂抹散热膏指南来为CPU 重新涂抹散热膏。


要来重新组装设备,请按照下面的指导的相反顺序进行。 别忘记将新的导热化合物涂抹在CPU上。 按照这个指南来学习如何涂抹散热硅脂。



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Quick question. After reassembly do you need to reinstall an operating system or update anything thing or does the hard drive just go oh look new stuff yeah that's fine.

Matt Glenn - 回复

It depends - the hard drive needs to have it’s operating system files up to date to match whatever is flashed onto the motherboard. If the two dont match you get error E106. You can solve this https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/...

James Heinrich -

My Xbox 1 will turn on and within 2 mins or less back off on it's on. I know for a fact it's not the power source, brick or cords. They work on another console. Any info would be awesome. Thanks!

Brian - 回复

Brian, same issue here. I replaced capacitors on my brick last year and works on another console. I have tried numerous reset options as well. I opened up and cleaned dust out with air compressor and 99% isopropyl alcohol. I also replaced the thermal paste on the processor and removed old paste carefully with alcohol. It still does the same thing like yours above. Turns on, fan turns on, no display, then turns off within 1-2 minutes. None of what I did above changed it, so decided between replacing motherboard or hard drive. I have my Xbox connected to external USB SSD, but still no avail. Not sure if my external had the OS on it though.

schleterbrandon -

Have any of you had issues even after replacing the motherboard? Like, did it go out on you a couple months later? Did it still run the same? Time sensitive question please answer, thanks! Can't keep checking, o if you have an answer please contact me on Instagram at ugli_boi99

Mason Wolfe - 回复

Can any1 tell me if a company replaces the mother board on a xbox one will it erase my game files and data

imran786123 - 回复



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