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  • 技术规格,为何似曾相识。木有原因

    • 双曲面 5.5 英寸 Super AMOLED 触摸屏,2560 × 1440 分辨率(530 ppi)

    • 高通骁龙820处理器,4GB 内存 ,Adreno 530 GPU

    • 1200万像素后置摄像头 和双像素自动对焦, 4K 视频录制; 500万前置摄像头

    • 32 or 64 GB 内置储存,可拓展microSD可(最高200 GB)

    • IP68 级防水能力

    • Android 6.0 Marshmallow

It has so many variants: N930V, N930A, N930P, N930R4, N930W8. You guys should be more professional to write clearly which one is shown here.

An10na - 回复

  • 我们刚刚测试了我们的侧屏通知来炫耀曲面OLED。然而很不幸,没人知道我们的新号码。

  • 快速的和去年的Galaxy S6 Edge 显示更大的区别在内部。S7 Edge 也增加了对IP68级防护和microSD卡拓展的支持,这些是在去年的产品上缺席的。

  • 相机的突起也明显减少了许多,虽然这可能是由于S7 Edge的厚度增加了0.7mm。


  • 又一次,我们继续使用了iOpener,加热我们手边的Galaxy。

  • 这个过程和标准版S7是相同的:早加热软化后,我们的iSclack和拨片组合对于某些格外坚固的胶水超级有效。

    • 你还记得那些年的那些易碎的背面面板吗?至少它们容易更换。至少iFixit记得。


  • 把S7和S7 Edge并排放置来比较和对比:着重于比较相同之处,不同之处稍稍带过。

  • 在内部,两台设备哟相同的相机,闪存,主要的结构,甚至天线的位置也是相同的(几十他们的布线上有稍微的不同)。

  • 布局惊人的相似,曲面版从反面看反而没有标准版弯曲。

    • S7的背面模仿了Edge的正面,采用了曲面的玻璃面板。


  • 各位,好消息!电池不再和上一代的Edge一样放置在主板之下。

    • 看起来和标准版S7保持一致,对Edge来说是件好事。

  • 我们取出了高达3.85 V,13.86 Wh,3,600 mAh的超大电池

    • 这比S7上的 3000 mAh电池还要大20%。这似乎是牺牲了厚度,来换取更长的电池寿命和频繁充电的次数。太好了!

    • 在Grabthar的锤子之下,毫无保留


  • 我们深入的曲屏怪兽的腹部,但是和他的平面版兄弟比起来,一切看起来似乎是一样的。

    • 很不幸,Edge采用了上一代我们最不喜欢的设计:连接虚拟键LED的电缆环绕着中框,然后被黏在屏幕玻璃上,这和去年的设计对比来说是一种倒退。然后主板也即将被拿出来。

  • 无论如何,让我们先把主板拿出来。


  • 接下来,是时候用数字来传达一些芯片的编号。在主板的正面,我们标记了:

    • SK 海力士 H9KNNNCTUMU-BRNMH 4 GB LPDDR4 SDRAM 和高通骁龙 820 MSM8996 封装在一起

    • 三星 KLUBG4G1CE 32 GB MLC UFS2.0

    • 安华高 AFEM-9040 多频多模模块

    • Murata FAJ15 前段模块

    • Qorvo QM78064 高频RF集成模块和 QM63001A 分集接收模块

    • 高通 WCD9335 音频编解码器

    • Maxim MAX77854 电源管理集成电路和MAX98506BEWV 音频放大器

Where is the GPS chip ?

Stefan Vanya - 回复

with all the other radios(wifi bluetooth, cellular, fm)

Ethan Chow -

Please peel off the cover on the sim/sd card area for us... the pin configuration for the microsd card is of the utmost importance for accessorizing the storage on this phone...

afterfreeze - 回复

I second this, please pull off the metal cover on the microSD card area to expose the pin configuration!

Nicholas Hamilton -

I also came to this article to find out if the microSD slot has the extra row of pins indicating UHS-II support. It would be really helpful if the answer to this question was backed up by a photograph of the microSD card slot pins. Thanks in advance.

Brad Stone - 回复


I have s7 edge live demo unit if I change the motherboard it's will work as a phone?

Bilal hussein - 回复

Is this the same motherboard for all models?

Shyamkrishnan Balasubramanian - 回复

Do you Know where is the magnetic sensor chip ?

Bakou - 回复

  • 和标准版S7的芯片组有这么多的相似之处,这让我们感觉是在重复描述

    • Murata KM5D17074 Wi-Fi模块

    • 恩智浦 67T05 NFC 控制器

    • 艾迪悌 P9221 无线充电接收器(就像是艾迪悌的 P9220

    • 高通 PM8996 和 PM8004 电源管理集成电路。

    • 高通 QFE3100 包络跟踪器

    • 高通 WTR4905WTR3925 RF收发器

    • 三星 C3 图像处理器和三星 S2MPB02 电源管理集成电路


  • 啊哈,还有一个东西。

  • 这整个“水冷”部件?真没什么大不了的。如果你错过了这个,我们在S7拆解里面详细介绍了我们的发现,在这里也没什么不同的。

    • S7 Edge上的微型热管和我们从S7上拆出来的相似。这应该提供了同样的对热量扩散到金属中框的效果提升,提高了装备了Samsung Gear VR后的散热能力。


  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 的课维修性:10分中得了3分(10分为最易维修)。

    • 很多的元件是模块化的,易于替换。

    • 不像S6 Edge,电池可以在不移除主板的情况下拆卸——但是强力的粘合剂和胶水粘合的背部面板使得进行更换要困难的多。

    • 如果你需要更换USB接口,屏幕需要被移除(更像是破坏)。

    • 前后玻璃面板提供了双倍的易碎性,背部面板上的强力粘合剂使得进入设备内部非常困难。

    • 移除玻璃而不破坏屏幕基本上是不可能的。




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When taking the phone apart, I assume that naturally you are throwing some if not all of the water resistant (or proof) capabilities behind, or is that not the case? Maybe you can re-waterproof it again, who knows.

Joshua Leaver - 回复

Hello and good afternoon Joshua,

I have had to perform the same teardown on my Galaxy S7. After putting everything back together, I wanted to test the same theory. My phone was still very water resistant (I literally dropped it in a sink of water by mistake lol). But I've seriously had no problems with my S7 after. Hope the same success follows your projects. Have a great day!

damon sampy -

There is some discussion as to whether the S7 phones support the extra speeds in UHS-II microSD cards - which would require an extra row of pins in the reader. The preliminary benchmarks of UHS-II cards show disappointing performance below the maximum speed of a UHS-I port, so it is doubtful that the reader is a full UHS-II reader, but it would be nice if the teardown could confirm the pin configuration of the microSD port so we can put the issue to rest...

Jim Graham - 回复

Where is the sd card reader ? does it support UHS-2 ?

Alexandre - 回复

I've already cracked the back glass a little. Does this impact the waterproofness at all? I've been unable to locate just a back plate/glass piece yet as well, but this would be my first time looking.

Zach - 回复

Same question. Bump

Anthony Emma -

It depends on how deep the crack is. But it will certanly apply more preasure in that point under water.

Franco -

The back glass needs to be replaced on mys7 edge, can I go on from the back or the front. Also, your review mentioned replacing the glass would mess up the display.. Does this only apply to the front glass? One last question, where should the back glad be purchased. I see Amazon sells it but it's literally only the glass, no components.

Fred Jameson -

If your original back glass cracked, usually it will lost its waterproof function. you could buy a new replacement from amazon or GG MALL, the replacement will came with adhesive. I will add B8000/7000 glue around the adhesive to make sure the waterproof working. good luck

ggmall -

is it possible to use S7Edge battery in S7?

Yurii Mykhalchuk - 回复

no their different sizes i think

zakmza123 -

Hey guys, i have one question that is killing me, hope you can help me: accidentally inserted the key to remove the sim tray in the upper mic hole and apply some pressure until realize my mistake, in a brand new s7 edge, i cant identify the mic hole in your pictures, actually looks like is not straight to the mic, is more like a 90 deg orientation, am i right? Thanks for your help, really appreciate your comments

Bernardo Olivas - 回复

i do the same haha i´m a little scared :S

arym06 -

Anyone got back to you on this yet? I too did the same and my main question is whether or not it would affect the water resistance/proof of the phone by pushing the sim removal took through the mic hole.

Steven C -

If you punctured the mic hole, then this does affect the water resistance of the phone. The speaker mesh is like a net across the speaker hole. Since speakers need air to work properly, air can pass through this mesh, but it is fine enough to the point that water cannot pass through as long as it is not over a certain pressure. This is due to the elasticity of water. For example, a jet of water would be high pressure so that would go through the mesh. The same concept applies if you take the phone beyond a certain depth. If you punctured the mesh, then it no longer has the ability to keep water out.

Chris Fanning -

I wish they would switch to black PCB like iPhones... It looks a lot better that way...

Andrew spoelstra - 回复

Would I have to take the phone apart from the back in order to replace the front glass panel or can it be done from the front of the phone?

lordlkavo - 回复

Hello! Who knows have motherboards (r4, t, td, l, a) from galaxy s7 edge external differences between each other? can i put any of them in the same galaxy s7 edge or no?

aubhan Baisarov - 回复

The CDMA and GSM variants are very different so beware what screen assembly you put them in. Samsung loves to screw with us and their endless revisions. I accidentally ordered the EU variant of an S6 edge + and I had to use a longer samsung galaxy s4 antenna wire, as the location of the antenna port on charge port is different on the EU and US version. Still managed to make it work with the longer wire. But for a second there I almost lost my guts over it.

Jorge Vargas -

Can you only repair the back glass

Dario moreno - 回复

repair the back glass is quite easy, just buy a new replacement from amazon, watch this tear down guide you can do it.


ggmall -

whether you can put a motherboard into the frame Snapdragon version of the Exynos version ??? ??? they compatible???

beka - 回复

same question, I have a T-Mobile motherboard and a sm-g935F frame with LCD assembly.

Luis Tremont -

I'm trying to get the LCD assembly where's a good place to buy the parts online for good prices not outraged prices

Austin bering - 回复

Sammy charges $260 to replace it. And it will be waterproof again. Buy the lcd on ebay is about $200. Plus you need the adhesive. Best to just send it to samsung.

Jimmy James -

$200 for an s7 edge LCD? where? Last time I Looked it was still up in the 280+ range.

Jorge Vargas -

the B grade screen for galaxy s7 edge on gg mall is 169usd

ggmall -

where can I buy a replacement screen for s7edge and I need the no& off botton replace as well?

Donte Ebonmane - 回复

I cracked my display on my s7 edge and the LCD screen has a black hole when it was dropped, is it possible to fix that? What type of screen would I need to buy and would I break anything?

Regan Murray - 回复

It is possible to replace the glass only?

Mauricio Hoempler - 回复

It isn't impossible but it sure is hard as !&&*.

Jorge Vargas -

This comment;

**The display needs to be removed (and likely destroyed) if you want to replace the USB port**

> Looking at the last image it appears the usb pcb is separate from the display and can be simply remove by screws, can you clarify this replacement would damage this display?

Stephen Cooke - 回复

No you cant. The buttons are on the same board, you need to remove the screen to free the 2 captive buttons, then you can unscrew the 2 little screws. You can sacrifice the 2 buttons then its easy

Robert Vasile -

Totally radical idea... I have a Sprint S7 Edge with a cracked LCD. If I were to buy a complete s7 (non-edge) chassis and LCD, would it be possible to transfer my mobo/logic board and guts into the non-edge chassis?

Jason White - 回复

hey can you help me with the advise as in what to do with the broken top glass,

the inner display touch are just perfectly working..


i wanna know that too

helberxp -

How much the ic display parts..? And where we buy of the said parts?

Ralp Bolo - 回复

Hi...sir i have s7 edge on time i will conect charging cable..after tunoff mobile..now dont on mobile..

Abdul Rahoof Rahoof - 回复

What is the part number of the Bluetooth Chip here?Manufacturer?

Raul Piper - 回复

Hi, where do we find what the GPS chipset is?

Dave Lowndes - 回复

Hi I dropped and broke the glass on both sides. The LCD is ok and the phone is absolutely functional. Can I just replace the glass, and at what cost.

royanimesh - 回复

Can the front glass be replaced only ?

Like with this kit ?


wesley tejeda - 回复

No. you can replace it unless if you have a series professional machine, hah

ggmall -

My S7 edge got water damaged and I took it apart to see the motherboard, the transistor or whatever it is towards the right of the big rectangular silver 5G WiFi module seems to be have become corroded and a bit black in colour ,I submerged the motherboard in 99% isopropyl alcohol and dryed it completely but it doesn't work. can I replace the couple of transistors that have corroded ? If so can anyone please guide me and let me know what's the exact transistor part that's damaged like it's name or series number? And where can I get it?

Vivek - 回复

Any place where you can buy a metal back replacement? Also if in my current damaged back the camera lens in intack can it be salavage?? If so do i need to purchase a adherence strip or does the one on the back cover include this?


www.sosav.co.uk and www.sosav.com sell all the components for the Galaxy S7 and all of the other phones in the Galaxy range! They're working on getting the rest on the english site, but the french site has literally everything so I'd give them an e-mail if you want something specific!

Evie -

انا حاسس انو الواي فاي فيه ضعيف بيلقط الاشارة ضعيفة جدا شو بيكو نالمشكلة

احمد خالد - 回复

I cannot get any service on my Samsung S7 Sprint. There is a MIPI device fail. What is the cause of this?

Mehmood Ali khan - 回复

I have the S7 Edge 32GB and my I used my phone carefully to take pictures under water in a swimming pool about 30 cm under for no more than a few seconds each time to take 4 photos as you see on the adverts. after no more than five minutes the camera stopped working,. I dried it out and the charge was gone so I tried to charge by both means (wireless and lead) to no avail. I took it to Samsung and was told that the mother board is more than likely gone and that buying a new phone would be more economical. I was duped into thinking that the phone had a full Samsung warranty. However despite it being bought last September and being told it had a full Samsung warranty it only has a guarantee on the software.

I blame Samsung for saying that it is IP68 (water and dust resistant to 1.5 M for 30 min. which as an engineer I am well aware of. This phone like a lot of Samsung phones does not live up to expectations and unlike Apple will not take responsibility for their mistakes. Samsung excreta again. Don't buy!!

sumarianson me - 回复

My motherboard cooked, and has to be replaced. Does anyone know whether it's possible to remove the part where all the data and apps are stored and soldering it on a new board? In theory, having the phone and data exactly as it was, just with a new board? Any info would be appreciated, have so much work related documents which I have created on the phone and didn't back it up in time..

Johan Gertzen - 回复

how i turn on the antenna on s7 - no service issue

Federico Deledda - 回复

HI anyone knows if you can use the 935f motherboard in the 935fd version?

Nalini Mathura - 回复

YES, the mid frame hosting is the same, and the dock connector is compatible i think

ggmall -

What are the 3 wires for when pulling the wires off the port on the white wire mother board side piped off

Brian - 回复

Is the single SIM G935F screen the same for the dual SIM G935FD??

Donald Eastwood - 回复

Oh, sorry, just seen the question 2 up!

Donald Eastwood -

Is the exynos variant using different pmic, like instead of the pm8996 and 8004, does it use s535 and s515 for power management?

Dennis K - 回复

My Samsung s7 edge 2sims not working. Technician was tell motherboard problem. I want mother borad

Anwar Sanu - 回复

My phone was destoyed (run overy on the interstate) it turns on but the lcd is broke.I have a bunch of pics on the phone. If I buy a newhile lcd and front and back panels will my phone still hold the pictures?

Aaron - 回复

Hi, I'm having a problem with my S7edge USB Port. It's possible to replace it since you said it was hard to remove the front glass.

Henry - 回复

Thank you for details above.

the screen of my phone galaxy S7 edge scratched because it fell down from my hand but it was working for 3 or 4 days and then suddenly didn’t work and I tried to open but I couldn’t. After 2 days I connected it to charger and then I tried to open it, it had worked until unlock screen display the black screen displayed and some programming code in the top displayed for a few seconds and now one month from that happened and still doesn’t work, so please I need solution to get all my data form the device???


Mohammed Ali Alajaji - 回复

Is it possible to recover photos from your old s7 edge by putting that mother board into your new glaxay s7 edge ?? my phones completley locked so I cant unlock it from the app. The entire screen is shattered. The buttons will light on but the touch pad doesnt recgonize when im touching the screen. Plus it is blacked out.

diana ayala - 回复

how repair/replace the carrier signal antenna?

ecstacy 777 - 回复

I replaced my battery but forgot to apply some double sided sticky tape to secure the battery to the midframe- is that critical?

Charles - 回复

Is the tape holding down the battery to the metal midframe critical?

Charles - 回复

can you put a galaxy s7 duos mother board in to a s7 body and just get a duel sim card tray

Denis Blais - 回复

Hi, where do we find what the GPS chipset is?

Lin Joe - 回复

What about the pink line.. This really disappoint me.. Expensive yet the quality is bad..

drel_26 - 回复



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