lines in display after a drop

The bottom half om my screen is covered in lines, I have tested with an external monitor and that works fine so I believe its the cable. I have reseated the ribbon connector inside with no luck, Can I dis assemble the display so I can check the cable inside the screen?

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Hi Joe, welcome to iFixit Answers board.

Yes verifying the LVDS connection to the LCD is the next troubleshooting step but I'm afraid the LCD panel might be faulty. Please look at these video clips for disassembling procedures.

You can remove the display cover panel to check if the LVDS cable is well seated without separating the screen from the bottom case but you need to find the way to unscrew the two small screws at the front display base. Try to unscrew them with small jeweller flat screwdriver. Work from the display sides. There are only two screws to take off before unsnapping the panel. Also, do not use a putty knife to separate the display back cover you could scratch your panel, instead use a soft guitar pick. It would do the job and there's no risk for the LCD.

Gook luck and keep us informed...


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Thanks, the cables appear fine so im ordering the lcd panel, hopefully thats it. I'll follow up. Thanks!

Worked like a charm, back up and running, thanks SO MUCH!!



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