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Battery cable connector unstuck, any ideas?

hello, i tried to open up my iphone 4s to install the lighting mod from kogadget. the first step was to disconnect the battery cable, but i accidentally unstuck the whole connector. now the phone turns on, but it doesnt charge (the battery icon changes to that "battery plug"). is there anything i can do to repair this?

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I repaired a guy's phone who had the same problem. The only thing you can really do, unless you are good with soldering, is to make sure the prongs on the connector are touching the silver solder marks on the logic board.

His broke off too and I was able to get it working again by setting the connector properly on the logic board.


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thanks mate, but there is a problem with the terminal now. one of the pads is damaged, and i am not very experienced with electronics. i tried attaching a copper wire from the terminal to the connector with no luck.

If that is the case the next step is to have it resoldered. Not much else you can do at that point. Sorry friend.

yea it seems so. thanks anyway.



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