Help! Replaced LCD/Digitizer Now Center of Touchscreen Wont Work.

So here's the deal. I replaced the digitizer/LCD assembly on a customer's AT&T iPhone 4. After install, the middle of the touchscreen does not work. Basically if you were to draw a line from middle top of the iPhone to the middle bottom, that part of the digitizer is all dead. Can't swipe to unlock/power off, and the "8", "5", "2", and "0" keys on the unlock screen are nonresponsive, but everything to the left and right works fine.

Has anyone had this issue before? I've done this repair over a dozen times, not to mention having working on nearly every other type of iPod/iPhone and I've never had an issue like this. Of course my first thought was a bad digitizer, but I tried two others and they respond the same. I also cleaned all of the contacts and shielding with Q-Tips + rubbing alcohol, no luck! Help me iFixIt! I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck replacing the whole phone.

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Are all of the screens you've tried from the same supplier? May be part of a bad batch....


Two of them might have been, which is why I dug up an old one to test out. It's definitely not the digitizers.