Issue with battery life after replacing lightning port

Hello! I changed the charging port on my phone 6s a couple days ago, and when it rebooted the first time, initially it had an issue where when it was connected to a charger it was fine, but when I disconnected it it turned off. I opened it back up and screwed around a little, just like plugging and unplugging stuff, and for some reason I cannot explain it started to work properly again. It worked fine for the entirety of the next day, it let me unplug it and run it for a while and be plugged back in. However, that night it started to repeat the problem. I did the same thing, opened it up and screwed around with it, and I thought I'd fixed it, but I woke up randomly in the middle of the night and found it was dead even though it was plugged in.

So I'm messing with it currently and it keeps rebooting. I plug it in, it says it's at 100%, I unplug it, it dies. Sometimes it turns on and says it's at 10% and it'll charge up like normal for a bit. But then I did the force reset (home + power button) and it just rebooted, said it was at 1%, and then jumped up to 100%. I have no idea what is happening. I replaced the charging port because when I plugged the phone it, it would connect and disconnect from the cable. This was not at all happening before. Granted, I did lose a screw in this and now there's a small piece that's kinda bulged upward. Could that be the issue? Or is this something completely unrelated to that?

Okay after doing the force reset and having it jump from 1% to 100% it seems to be working normal again??????? I have no idea what's going on. Gonna post this anyways to see if someone can help this cycle not continue

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