Console hangs on most of the games, later gives green screen

hi guys, i have a ps5 slim here that hangs kind of randomly after a few seconds when you launch a game. it doesn't matter whether it is digital or disc. Once it hanged in the the main menu while browsing the store. It hangs on loading usually (like reading something) and then buzzing sound comes and after that green screen. almost always. Sometimes it displays error after the recovery which is CE-108262-9. But funny though Horizon works fine, Ratchet, One Piece works fine as well as some demos. Diablo 4, RDR 2, FF demos - all crash it no matter what i tried. I obviously tried to: initialize, clear cache, check drive connection (this is disc model but it hangs when it is disconnected as well). Wi-fi works fine and downloads everything with no problem. I tried to switch off HDR, HDCP, etc. - no help. Did you encounter anything like this? By symptoms i would say APU should be fine as I played Horizon like 1 hour without any issues. Sometimes after such crash and restart it says cant use blu-ray drive, restart. After restart again, no error.

Can it be RAM? But again, Horizon which i guess is a pretty demanding game runs fine. Maybe the internal SSD chip somewhat faulty? Can we test it somehow? Thanks!

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